"Señorita" singer Camila Cabello wowed the fans in her Saturday Night Live debut with her 'orchestra and travel back in time' performances.

The 22-year-old singer channeled her inner Marie Antoinette version and pulled off her new single "Cry for Me" while wearing an 18th-century old French-ensembled costume for her first piece on the late-night comedy show.

She stated that this was inspired by Madonna's Vogue VMAs performance for the movie "Dangerous Liaisons" in the 1990s. A group of male and female backup dancers was also dressed with 18th century-inspired costume, completely bringing the Vogue-vibe. This almost Broadway-like performance involved chairs and fans as part of its choreography.

The stage was almost bare afterward, as it was immediately followed by a spiced-up show of "Easy," Camila's new ballad song. She wore a silky white gown that made her stand out more.

Before the debut, Cabello posted a tweet saying that she would be peeing because of too much excitement. Little did she know, it was her fans who might have done what she mentioned in her tweet because of her unexpected but slaying stage numbers.

A lot of people all over the world posted their reactions online, saying that the Señorita successfully took their breaths away with the rock tune in a ball party.

After the full-packed debut, Cabello's fans posted their opinions on how much they want to see her on Broadway and hear her perform in a musical theater. Cabello, from a Cuban-American heritage, said that she always wants to sprinkle her songs with Spanish verses. As an addition to her patriotism, she taught Saturday Night Live host David Harbour som Spanish words during the show.

To add another surprise, Taylor Swift was seen in the show to support her friend and fellow pop star.

Cabello's Sophomore album

Fans can hear more of Cabello since one of the most anticipated albums of 2019 -- her album 'Romance' -- is reported to be released soon. The singer is set to show goddess-like looks, just like those dresses she wore on SNL.

In her cover story in Variety's Young Hollywood issue, Cabello revealed her inspiration and how this forthcoming album is a million times way better than the first one. She worked with several hitmakers for the new album, including Amy Allen -- who previously worked for Selena Gomez and Halsey -- and Frank Dukes to name a few.

She added in the interview that, in her perspective, falling in love is a series of adventures with the full amount of levels, layers and angles. She said she wrote all the feelings and inspiration down to complete the album.

People can guess that the 'encouragement' she mentioned was her longtime friend and "Señorita" partner, Shawn Mendes. Cabello shared the story of how fun it is to get to work because of Mendes and how they spent eight months in creating their latest duet -- which became one of the biggest songs in summer.