Different Ways to Create Animatronic Dinosaur

The animated animals and animated characters have blown away the minds of many people, especially the kids. There are a lot of animated animals and characters that have occupied social media posts. You can see these all over social media. The trends are made, nowadays, with social media's likes and hearts.

The trending animatronic animals make demands higher and higher. To fulfil such demands, many websites are offering animatronic characters and realistic animal puppets. Some also give the customization facility to its customers to satisfy the needs. Some offer the sale at the end of the year to attract a maximum of the customers.

There are six steps that are followed properly in order to generate the animatronic animals. These steps make a furnished, attractive, high quality and durable product like Animatronic Dinosaur. Before the beginning of all these steps, the team collaborates and makes a layout of how to work. In the end. Following are the six steps:


In the very first step, the steel frame of the design is made, for which the welding is required for proper structuring and moulding. In the end, when the framework has been finished, an anti-rust spray is sprayed to make it last longer.

Electronic System Working:

There are some software and engines that work to design the sound, movement operations. Such systems installed in the animatronic animals that make them blink the eyes, moving the head and opening of the mouth. The sound can be made in different styles, tones, and pitch.

Sculpture Making:

In this step, the frame body has been covered in a sculptured body. The sculpture is being made according to the design of the model. The history of knowledge plays a very important role in the making of such ancient animals. The experienced persons having knowledge of paleontology can make these sculptures with minor details to create a flawless look.

Texture Designing:

After making the sculpture, the texture is designed and implemented. Like in the making of the animatronic dinosaur, the texture is designed with scales and sharp edges. The texture details are made with the soldering iron. Specific technology is used with the scientific method for this purpose. The texture can be modified if the customer requires it.

Skin Making:

The skin is the main thing that seems at first. It should provide a realistic view. Mostly the skin is made of silicon or fabric. Both are durable and long-lasting. It depends on the event or customers' choice that which type is required.


Painting is the last step that has real significance in providing a real 3 d look to the animatronic dinosaur. The ups and downs can be made by glue silk stockings.

After making the product, silicone is being applied to its whole body three times. The silicon layers ta end make it waterproof and sun rays proof to avoid the external damage that can damage the product quickly and frequently. Now, your animatronics animal product is ready now to dispatch.

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