Mens Haircuts: Which Is Your Favourite Haircut?


Here are the best and trendiest mens haircuts this year. Take a look and choose the most appropriate one for you.

Learning about various types of mens haircuts is the first step to ensuring that you pick the right style when you visit your hairdresser. I am pretty sure this is a thing you can relate to- you have gone to your coiffeur, and entirely you have no idea which style you want. In the end, you end up defining a completely different style to your hairdresser, and when he gives you the look you defined, you feel like telling him to give back your manes. 

That can be weird. However, it is the reality that many men go through whenever they go to their barbershop. Unfortunately, not knowing different types of mens haircuts is an assured ticket to getting the wrong haircut. That is exactly the problem we want to fix today.

1. Fade and Tapper. 

Mistakenly used to mean the other, fade styles means that the hair gets shorter from crown to the neckline. The hair is gradually faded by use of hair clippers. Since there are various styles of hair fades, it is essential to clarify to your hairdresser the type of fading you are looking for.

When it comes to fading of the hair, the main aspect that differentiates the different styles is where the fading begins. For instance, you can ask your barber for a high, mid, or low fade. Moreover, you can choose the length of your hair by opting for skin, also called bad fade. Just bear in your mind that you don't have to have all your hair faded, you may decide to keep it all the same length.

2. Undercut.

Undercuts are some of the common mens haircuts. The hair on the sides is normally clipped to a short length or sometimes completely shaved, depending on what you need. However, in these mens haircuts, there is no fading of hair while the hair on top is maintained longer. Then you can choose how to style the hair on the crown. For instance, you can opt for a slicked-back style, brushed up look, a pompadour, quiff, or a comb-over. All these are excellent ways you can style your hair and get a rocking look.

The undercut is one of the elegant and fashionable haircuts for men this year.

3. Pompadour.

By definition, this is a typical undercut style that continues to feature short hair on the sides and long locks on the top. However, this mens haircut is unique since a significant length of hair is swept upwards near the front to come up with a 'pomp' hence the name. The manes styled above the forehead is the elevated point of the hairstyle and slowly falls to the back of your head.

4. Quiff.

We can say that a quiff and a pompadour are cousins. However, rather than having manes that are brushed to the back in a quiff, the hair is styled forward. Generally full of fade on all the sides, the quiff style offers a lot of versatility, and you can rock it shaggy if you want to.

5. Man Bun.

Man bun is one of the oldest mens haircuts. This type of haircut dates back to the medieval times during the time of Vikings. However, the modern man bun has been improved in various ways to align with the modern city vibe. With a man bun, there are also various variations in terms of where you tie the knot. For instance, you can choose to tie it at the centre or slightly below the crown of your head.

6. Faux Hawk.

The faux hawk is popularly known as a fohawk. It is a trendy and one of the most fashionable mens haircuts. If you need a haircut that is stylish and will give you a unique look, look no further. Faux hawk gives you a unique look and it is the haircut to look stylish.

7. Crew Cut.

Are you looking for a low maintenance mens haircut? Well, the crew cut offers you this. It comes with a bit longer hair on top compared to the crew cut. It is stylish and, at the same time, easy to style. However, you would need to tell your barber the comfortable length of hair you need at the top.

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