Your Child And You- 9 Ways To Make Your Child Feel Loved


As a parent, you want your little one to feel loved. Unfortunately, things don't always go according to plan, and there might be times when he feels underappreciated. Below, we have provided some tips for what you could do to make your child feel more appreciated, so read on.

Listen To Your Kid

If you want your child to feel more loved, one of the best things you could do is listen to him. Children love talking. So if he loves telling stories or talking about his day, do make an effort to listen. After all, he wouldn't have come to you for no reason.

If your little one is talking about his imaginary friends, instead of brushing it off, talk to them. This would show your child that you care quite a bit about his imagination and inner world.

When in conversation with him, don't be negative. If he's being too silly or playful, it can get irritating if you're busy, but shooing him off can have negative effects. If you keep doing this, when he grows older, this would put a dent into your relationship.

Speak To Him

The above point goes hand-in-hand with speaking to him. Whenever you can, ask him about his day and how things are going. This is great as it allows for conversations and deeper bonding.

If you have been busy and have had no time for him, you can make up for it this way. What's more, talking to him would let him know that you're actively trying to be a part of his life, which would make him feel loved.

As you speak more often, you'll learn about his interests and passions. You should also tell him what you know and teach him new things. This would help you spark more conversations, which would let your kid know that you care.

Create Rituals

For a parent, it can be hard to show your little one how much you love him. To make him feel loved, you should do certain activities with him. The rituals are special to the two of you and can be anything.

You can read bedtime stories, sing him a lullaby every night or help him with homework as you share some cookies. He'll look forward to this and you can share a bonding experience.

Of course, it doesn't just have to be between just the two of you. You can create family traditions that everyone can enjoy. This would help your family bond, overall. Making breakfast every Sunday is a great idea.

Make Eye Contact

This sounds strange, but making eye contact with your little one would make him feel appreciated. When you lock eyes while speaking or listening to each other, he knows that you're interested in what he's saying. This lets him know that you care and aren't just pretending to listen.

Sacrifice Things For Your Kids

They may be little, but kids are not as naïve as they might seem. They're well aware of the things that are going around them. So if you go out of your way to do something for your child, they'll appreciate it.

Your little one may have an important event coming up. Maybe there's no way you'll be able to make it as you have an uber-important business trip coming up. If you work around this and show up at your little one's event, he'll be over the moon.

Of course, there are times when this is impossible. If there's no way you can skip the meeting, you'll just have to explain to your child why you can't make it to his event.

Treat Him To The Best Things

Your little one deserves the best. You can take part in his hobbies and interests together, teaching him a range of things on the way.

When his birthday comes up, treating him to the perfect party would do just the trick. Getting him an amazing gift would also work well. If you aren't sure what he might like, there are countless gift guides online. You can find guides for girls and boys of many ages, like

There's a fine line between treating him and spoiling him. You shouldn't overdo it as he'll end up expecting the world from everyone.

Don't Focus On The Negatives

Kids are kids. Your little one is bound to make a few mistakes here and there. Instead of being a strict parent, you need to be compassionate and understanding. You should teach him right from wrong and most of all, communicate with him about the magnitude of his mistake.

He'll feel loved as you took the time to be understanding instead of scolding him. Unfortunately, this can be hard to do as kids mess up quite a bit. So you need to learn to control your temper as well.

Sometimes this can be hard. This is why you should work with your partner as you'll be able to handle things more easily.

Be A Proud Parent

Whatever your kid does, be proud of his work, even if it's not the best. This would boost his self-esteem and allow him to grow up in an environment where he feels appreciated.

If you have other kids, be sure that you praise them equally as otherwise, one of them could grow to detest you.

Say These Words

There's a very easy thing you could do. It requires no effort. All you have to do is tell your little one how much you love him.

Be affectionate, overall. Give him hugs and kisses and treat him like the special little man that he is. This will make him know that you really care for him.

These are just a few ways in which you can help your little one feel as loved as possible. If you're a busy parent with not much time to devote to your child, make use of these tips whenever you can. Making your child feel loved not only deepens the relationship between the two of you, but it also has a range of future benefits So don't hesitate to try out these suggestions.

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