The Best Way to Create an Online Presence For Your Business (2020 Guide)

There's no excuse in the modern day not to have a valuable and professional online component to your business or independent project. To ensure you don't fall behind in this increasingly digital age, take a look at this short guide detailing some key ways to create an online presence for your business in 2020. 

Creating an engaging website 

Getting yourself set up online is a crucial step in growing your business idea or venture, as it will allow you to increase the visibility of your company beyond just its immediate reach. Start by creating something that looks sleek, is easy to use and find (with clear titling and headings that include your company name and are categorised by the niche that your business operates in), and conveys your company message in a way that's clear and simple to understand. 

If you're selling a product or service online, then it also might be worth making it as easy as possible for potential customers and clients to actually do what you want them to do and buy your products. Make an online storefront and make it intuitive, and this should surely increase the number of sales that you start to make through the online component of your business. 

Create content in many different formats 

One of the best ways to engage and maintain a steady audience is to create content in a variety of different formats. This way, you'll be able to attract a wide range of people looking for resources to consume in different ways. 

Example - If you were interested in learning more about the investment market, and wanted to look into property investment, for example, you might choose to check out the range of guides, videos and podcasts offered by RWinvest. Their podcast offers an easily digestible look at the UK property market, allowing for people searching for information to listen to it passively or when commuting to work. In contrast, their in-depth guides offer something a little more in-detail for those that are seriously considering an investment strategy. 

This is the sort of model that you should be following if you want to add genuine value to the online product that your company offers. Aim to be informational and insightful, rather than just offering boring advertising that will likely turn consumers off and make them less likely to follow what you put out online. 

Engage on a range of different platforms 

Once you've built up a suitable presence online and want to take things further, social media should be something that you seriously consider, and in as many different forms as you possibly can. Creating online profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even YouTube can help you to engage with potential customers. Some online users will use certain platforms more than others, and for different reasons, meaning again, you need to adapt and use the content that will be as popular and engaging as popular.

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