A Breath-Taking Mexican Beach Break

A Breath-Taking Mexican Beach Break
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When it comes to selecting a holiday destination, how many of us turn to social media and Google images for inspiration? From pearly white sands, to aquamarine waters, incredible marine life and opulent cultural landmarks, holidays were made for exploring beyond the realms of our everyday life.

And yet, some of the world's most spectacular destinations remain undiscovered by the majority of the world's holidaymakers, thanks to their remote locations and under-marketed high points. One of our favourites? The breath-taking plains of Mexico; home to the Cuixmala estate with its luxury accommodation, authentic experiences, panoramic views, and exclusive access by private jet.

A popular destination discovered by those in seek of the finest beaches, Cuixmala oozes luxury and status at every touchpoint, from arrival to the grand tour, taking in the local zebras, the lagoons and plantations, the estate's very own stretch of private beaches, and the surrounding jungle space. And inside is no different.

Designed with relaxation in mind, Cuixmala has something for everyone, creating a breath-taking vacation for sunseekers and shade-bathers alike. The cool hallways boast incredible views over the coastlines, while both freshwater and saltwater pools stretch from inside the shaded villas into the surrounding sunshine beyond.

And what is a breath-taking Mexican beach break without your very own butler? Whether it's a cocktail or a tea; a towel or a refreshment, your own Butler will cater to your every need, allowing you to enjoy the haven of your surroundings without wanting for anything.

Cuixmala is made up of several different Casa's and Villa's, all tailored to guests' needs and lifestyles. If a private villa isn't your thing, the hillside bungalows offer a more secluded and personal style of stay, while the jungle casitas allow you to experience the most authentic of Mexican adventures, surrounded by local wildlife and the unique jungles of Cuixmala. Decorated with locally made crafts and providing you with an independence that cannot be rivalled, these casitas benefit from a shared pool facility and restaurant area, so that you can spend your days relaxing in your private space or socialising with other like minded travellers as you lounge by the pool in the sunshine.

When it comes to a breath-taking Mexican beach break, the real star of the show is the beach itself, and Cuixmala doesn't disappoint. The waters of the Pacific Ocean glitter in the sunshine all through the day, while your choice of three beautiful beaches gives you the space to breathe, take in the surroundings, and spend time either alone or with others - dependent on your preference. These three beaches, stretching for a full 5km, offer views of rolling waves and calmer seas, and offer guests the chance to engage in activities such as kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, paddling and even boat trips.

And the natural beauty doesn't end there, for Cuixmala is so much more than just a beach resort. Famed for its diverse landscape and habitat, Cuixmala is also home to some of the world's most incredible wildlife, including the local zebra who can be spotted in the nearby sanctuary which backs straight onto the grounds of the Cuixmala resort. The local turtle conservation project is another sight to behold, while guests are encouraged to take part in a horseback ride around the local area to see what other wildlife and plant life they can spot.

You see, the Cuixmala Mexican beach break is much more than just a breath-taking resort. Cuixmala is a place where memories are made and those experiences of a lifetime come true, providing a unique and luxurious glimpse into life in Mexico - through the eyes of the Cuixmala resort.

How you choose to spend your days is up to you, with a whole range of activities available at the click of a finger. Indulge in a private dinner; soak up the sights on a dolphin tour along the coastline; while away the evening on a sunset tour or explore the mangroves on board an electric boat. However you choose to spend it, a breath-taking Mexican beach break is designed to do just that - take your breath away. And where better place to do it, than on the white sands of Cuixmala?

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