In case you haven't noticed, minimalism is, once again, on the rise. Maybe it's the "working on a new me" rhetoric, or just the envy over the un-cluttered spaces showcased on Instagram, but everyone - including me - is just itching to scale down their stuff and reclaim their lives.

Great news though! With more time at home from coronavirus, now is the perfect opportunity to winnow out the chaff and simplify your beauty regimen with these secret tricks you can easily implement.

1. Eight is the magic number

Listen. Beauty sleep is as real as your heartbeat. And unless you have your own dedicated makeup artist lingering around your apartment with brushes and foundations in the morning, you're going to wake up with dreary eyes and extremely dull skin that screams "let me fall back in bed". Matter of fact, NBC reported on a survey by Sealy in the UK, and the results were staggering. Sleep-endowed people reported having brighter eyes and complexion, clearer skin, less wrinkles, and overall enhanced skin quality.

So, make sure to clock in at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night. Your skin and body will thank you for that.

2. Keep up with the moisture

Moisturising your skin daily is crucial for flawless and radiant skin. Being the body's largest organ, our skin is incessantly metabolising, and maintaining a healthy content of water helps with their repair and regeneration (building up new skin cells). Those who moisturise religiously while they are in their 20s to 30s also have a greater chance of a more beautiful and youthful complexion when they get older.

Be sure to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day, shield yourself from direct sunlight, avoid showers that are too hot, and make use of a humidifier if you live in dry areas. We'd also recommend applying a moisturiser that contains UV-protecting properties.

3. Relax!

Life gets so hectic at times that it is impossible to not get anxious. But stress does our skin no good at all, according to a dermatologist from the Yale School of Medicine. It leads to a spike in cortisol levels, which will then break down the two major proteins that give shape and softness to our skin, namely collagen and elastin, resulting in dryness and a loss of skin elasticity. Chronic stress, in particular, has been found to cause inflammation, which will then speed up the aging process and wrinkle formation.

So, time to sit back and remind yourself that all izz well.

4. Cut back on the sugar

The more sugar we consume, the more quickly our skin starts aging. Glycation occurs when sugar peptides attach themselves to our body's protein molecules, causing a chain of reactions. Ultimately, this results in our skin's structural protein becoming stiff and cease functioning effectively. The cross-linking of collagen has been reported to be partly accountable for the formation of wrinkles and other undesired effects on our skin.

So what do we do? Never sweeten your drink if it is not necessary. If you really need it flavored, try putting in a piece of lemon instead. Make sure to also read the nutritional labels on food packagings carefully and choose wisely, as the majority of processed food contains sugar.

5. Dedicate time for your workout routine

By breaking a sweat, your heart rate goes up, leading to improved blood flow, which carries oxygen and nutrients to cells all over your body, your skin included. This helps it stay healthy, speed up metabolism to renew skin cells, and promote the body's natural production of collagen. Additionally, the increased blood circulation helps transport waste materials such as free radicals away.

No matter what excuse you come out with, try dedicating 150 minutes per week for moderate exercise such as jogging, leisure swimming, or brisk walking. When you break it down, that'd be 30 minutes per day for five out of seven days. Be sure to stretch before and after as well.

Product Recommendation:

(Photo : OMONO)

OMONO is a new, natural drink from Japan packed with a complete blend of crucial ingredients and vitamins. The goal is simple: promote all-round skin health and help smooth various aging signs by supporting your skin's well-being from within.

OMONO comes in sachets and has a light, pleasant vanilla taste to it. It is used just once a day, preferably in the morning, and is added to anything from coffee, fresh milk, to water. The best part? The product is formulated to be as fuss and stress-free as possible. No more having to stagger your bathroom routine to be sure your serums or creams dry between layers. Honestly, who has time for that anymore?

The product is made in GMP and HACCP-approved facilities to ensure the best in quality and safety. Each order also comes with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

For now, I have two goals: minimize the time spent on my beauty routine, thanks to my hectic schedule and chosen career, and cut back on the amount of products cluttering up my bathroom counter and cabinets. Let's see if these steps are going to help meet both of my goals. I'll be reporting back.