Does Sterling Silver Turn Blackish Over Time?

Sterling silver does turn blackish over time, even if you are using 925 sterling silver chains. It is to be noted that 99.9% pure silver does not tarnish but its alloys like the sterling silver do. This is due to the metals that are mixed in the alloys. But there is nothing to worry about this, as there are many ways to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing.

Tarnishing does not mean that the silver is low on purity. But the higher the percentage of silver, the more time it will take to turn blackish. This means you can easily go for sterling silver as your jewelry piece without any worries.

Why does sterling silver tarnish?

The sterling silver can take a yellow or black tint over time. This is due to the copper present in the alloy of sterling silver. You should take care of the fact that sterling silver can turn blackish rapidly in case it gets exposed to cosmetics or detergents. The chemicals in our sweat also cause erosion in the sterling silver jewelry. So try to avoid these things coming in contact with your sterling silver jewelry. But the relief is that you can easily get rid of the tarnish by polishing the pieces professionally.

This is the reason why sterling silver is a popular option among today's youth. It is pocket friendly and is a great alternative to white gold or platinum. This means you will be able to flaunt your fashion choices and that too within budget.

How to keep sterling silver from tarnishing?

It is to be noted that sterling silver turns black mostly when it comes in contact with salty solutions or chemicals. Thus, try to keep your jewelry away from them. Even though there is no restriction in bathing with your sterling silver jewelry on, but we would encourage you to avoid that. Water generally does not cause harm to sterling silver but it might speed up the tarnishing process.

Make sure to keep them off while you are doing the dishes. Also, try and avoid wearing them in places where you might sweat a lot.

Another thing to keep in mind is, you should put on your sterling silver jewelry at last after you have completed your make-up and applied perfume. Also, it should be the first thing that you take off before doing any activity or taking a shower.

If you deal with a lot of chemicals and solutions at your job, then we would encourage you to not wear the jewelry there. If you want to, try to remove them before starting up with your work.

Your body chemicals too can speed up the rate of tarnishing.


Now, are you thinking of locking them away your precious sterling silver jewelry and not wear them ever?

Well, no, for that is the last thing that you should do! Instead, wear them regularly and take proper care of them. This will make them last really long.

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