Most Popular Essential Oils To Use With Dryer Balls For Your Laundry

You can use dryer balls just like that but adding essential oils can add the invigorating freshness to your clothes so that when you wear them you feel fresh and your mood is peachy all the time. Smell good and feel great by using the organic essential oils that are devoid of any harmful chemical. These essential oils not only smell amazing but also have several benefits. 

However, one thing that you must keep in mind is the price of these. If you want to use rose oil or helichrysum oil, you might feel the pinch in your pocket. But there are plenty of alternatives that are equally great and smell fresh. 

Want to use wool dryer balls for essential oils effectively? 

Then refer to our list of well-curated essential oils that can brighten your day. 

The essential oils that will make your clothes aromatic to uplift your mood

  • Lavender - The smell of lavender oil is rich and gorgeous. It fills the ambiance with freshness plus it won't cost you a fortune. You can use this regularly. The smell is so light and soothing that it uplifts mood almost immediately. 

  • Tea Tree - This is known for its skin benefits and refreshing aroma plus it is inexpensive. Also, tea tree oil will keep the pesky insects such as mosquitoes at bay. It controls body odor, so if you tend to perspire profusely don't worry about body odor, your clothes infused with the aroma of tea tree oil will take care of it. 

  • Orange - Want fresh-smelling sheets that are also free of wrinkles? Go for orange oil. The antimicrobial activity of orange oil will keep your clothes and your skin free of microbial infestation. Orange oil is used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety hence it will be beneficial for you too if you use it with dryer balls. 

  • Lemongrass - It is enriched with natural nutrients such as Vitamin A and C which add to its antifungal properties. It can be easily used as a disinfectant with an aroma that will give you the feeling of a spa at home. Apply it while drying the clothes to keep insects away. 

  • Grapefruit - If you want to whiten your dirty clothes then nothing can come near grapefruit. It works great on old stains as well; it works to improve the color and texture of your clothes making them really soft and bright. 

  • Spruce - Now you can spruce up your self-confidence by using spruce oil in your laundry. It fights against any strong or unpleasant odor hence if you sweat and have a problem of bad body odor then try this out. 

  • Peppermint - Add freshness and vitality to your clothes by adding the peppermint essential oil. It does remove a hundred percent bacterial odors from the clothes making them fragrant and soft. This oil is very gentle on the skin hence if you want you can apply it to your baby's clothes too. 

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