Tips for Being a More Organized Person

Tips for Being a More Organized Person

In an ideal world, our lives would be perfectly organized, our houses clean, and our jobs simple to accomplish.

In the real world, staying organized and finding the time to clean seems impossible. Life always seems to get in the way, making room for mess and disheveled spaces.

If you are about to give up hope on living a more organized life, don't! There are some small, simple changes you can make to feel more productive every day.

While change takes time to set in and last, it can really make a difference in the way you feel. Living a more organized lifestyle can boost your positivity and make you work harder toward your goals.
If you are on the search for ways to be a more organized person, check out these seven tips that can help you.

1. Keep A Daily To-Do List

Keeping track of everything you need to accomplish can seem tedious when it is swimming around in your head.

Putting your thoughts on paper can make it easier to understand and feel more feasible to tackle.

A short term daily to-do list can keep you from worrying too far into the future. Break down the projects you have to accomplish into simple daily tasks to feel like you can complete them in a timely manner.

Setting goals for every day and being able to cross them off will give you a strong sense of accomplishment. Work out a plan each day to remind yourself that you can do it!

2. Use a Key Organizer

There are many things that get disorganized in a home, but one of the most frustrating might just be your keychain.

Over the years of collecting keys and other tags, your keychain can definitely get heavy. It is always embarrassing to stand outside a door fumbling with the keys until you can find the right one!

Having a compact key organizer can keep all your important keys in one place so you know exactly where they are. You can figure out which key organizer is best for you based on this in-depth review guide from There are many ways to keep your keys organized in a way that you will benefit from!

Being more organized starts small. If you can keep track of your keys, you can work to organize anything.

3. Clean-Up When You're Done

The key to feeling more organized in your home is to keep it clean. Cleaning does take time, so staying on top of it is important.

If you make a mess, clean it up shortly after. Letting it sit will only make the job feel more difficult to accomplish later when more messes add into the mix.

Managing messes as they happen can keep them from getting overwhelming. Stay on top of washing dishes as they are dirtied and vacuuming on a schedule to feel organized in your daily routine.

Keeping a cleaning routine and sharing it with all the members of your household will make the task seem less daunting and will make you feel more organized.

4. Give Everything Its Own Place

Putting items away haphazardly is not always the most effective way to keep clutter at bay. Giving your belongings a designated place will help manage messes and prevent clutter.

Instead of leaving the items you don't know what to do without on a surface, try to decide what to do with them right away.

Create a place for mail that might end up on the kitchen table and designate a drawer for writing utensils that tend to get strewn about.

If you live with children, it is especially important to tell them where each of their toys belongs. If they know it has a place, they will return it there when they are done playing to help prevent a mess.

Giving all your items a place to stay is a great way to stay organized and help you find everything you need at a moment's notice.

5. Use an Item Tracker

A great step toward a more organized life is being able to keep track of your belongings. If you are prone to losing things, especially your wallet or keys, being able to track them is super useful.

An item tracker can help you locate items that seem to have gone missing. As long as it is attached to the item you tend to lose, you can connect your phone to it and find it easily.

Many item trackers will make a noise to alert you of its location. Another great feature is, if you lose the phone connected to the tracker, you can click the tracker and your phone will ring!

Having an item tracker at your disposal will allow you to keep track of the items you lose frequently and help you feel less disorganized.

6. Throw It Out!

A more organized lifestyle means getting rid of the items that you no longer need. Less clutter will ultimately lead to more organization!

If you don't use an item often, if it's old, or if it is expired, get rid of it! It is not worth hanging onto something that is just taking up space.

Donating is always a great option for the items that are still in good shape but that you just don't use anymore. Many places accept donations of clothing, furniture, and other various goods that many other people would love.

Making the time to clean out your home of the items you no longer use can help you feel happier and more organized in your space.

7. Invest in Functional, Stylish Shelving

Creating effective places to put your belongings makes it so much easier to stay organized. Shelves are one great storage solution for a more organized living space.

The fun part about shelving is that it tends to be part of the decor in any room. You can choose shelves that look beautiful in your space yet serve the purpose of keeping your items organized.

Switching to storage solutions that look awesome in your home will keep you motivated to use them more often!

Becoming a more organized person might take time, but it will help you feel better at the end of the day. Work hard to take these seven tips seriously to live a life you are proud of.

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