How NANO hearing aids improve the lives of ordinary Americans

Nano Hearing aids

In recent years NANO Hearing Aids carved out a special position in the American hearing aid market, mainly due to their innovative products, affordable prices and their delivered-to-your-doorstep services. Whenever a company like this comes into a specific market, most people believe it to be too good to be true and stick to the traditional way of obtaining hearing aids, if obtaining it at all.

A close analysis of the hearing aid market, shows how NANO Hearing Aids and their competitors have done in the US market. Below, we will shed some light to readers on the products currently on the market, the easiest way to obtain hearing aids and why some companies can sell their hearing aids for a twentieth of the price compared to the traditional hearing aids.

Americans and hearing

Before we jump into all of that, we love to give, so here we give you some statistics on Americans hearing and hearing troubles you might not have known from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders:

More than 37 million Americans aged from as young as 18 years and older have reported some trouble with hearing.

More than 28 million Americans could benefit from using hearing aids, yet fewer than 30% of Americans that need hearing aids have ever used them.

Why do we not have hearing aids?

The question we ask ourselves is why would so many people, who have hearing problems not obtain a hearing aid? Hearing is such an important part of our lives, it is such an important sense to have.

Close your eyes for a second, and imagine not being able to hear the melody of your favourite song, or that soft rain falling on your roof, or your niece telling a joke around the Christmas table, the whole family laughing, yet you missed all of it.

The problem is, firstly many people don't want to admit that they have trouble with hearing.

Secondly the traditional way of obtaining a hearing aid was time consuming, as you had to have a medical examination. It was so expensive because hearing aids were only sold through certain practitioners and a few companies had dominance over the industry charging Americans ridiculous prices for a hearing aid. This made hearing aids very difficult to obtain and almost impossible for the ordinary American to afford.

Thankfully, over the past few years the traditional way of obtaining hearing aids have changed drastically. Innovative companies have redefined the market through technology driven, affordable, over the counter hearing aids.

One of these companies is NANO Hearing Aids, who is a frontrunner in the revolution of the hearing aid industry through their research and their technology driven products. Hearing aids can be bought from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the price.

Is NANO Hearing Aids Legitimate?

The short answer is yes, they are legitimate.

NANO Hearing aids was founded in 2017, the founder's mother was an ordinary American woman, struggling to hear, she had obtained the traditional hearing aids through a practitioner at a very expensive price and a few months later one of the hearing aids had broken. She did not have the means to fix or replace it. The founder then decided that they needed to change the industry, they needed to start a company for people like his mother, ordinary Americans in need of an affordable hearing solution.

Their goal is to help millions of Americans who have trouble hearing get the best solution at the most affordable prices together with quick and reliable ways to obtain, maintain or replace your hearing aid.

The question remains, are they legitimate and does their product last?

Looking at the great reviews they have received not only on their website but on multiple other sites they have received great compliments on their products. Their products are technology driven, with some hearing aids linking with an app on your smartphone making it easily adjustable, to really affordable prices, to free delivery in the US.

Furthermore, in the spirit of helping Americans who do not have the means to buy a hearing aid, NANO Hearing Aids launched a contest, aimed at Veteran Support through the NY Post giving away 24 hearing aids, values at $1000 each to people who need it most. (Read more about veteran support by NANO hearing aids). Participants could write them an email explaining why them or their family member needed a hearing aid.

Some of the winners' letters have been posted on the NY Post's website with the most amazing stories, however the one that stood out for us is the 59 year old blind man. His hearing had deteriorated and he had to ask his wife what she was saying every time she spoke to him.

He could not afford a hearing aid prescribed by his medical practitioner and hoped to get a hearing aid. His hope is that being able to hear would make up for the fact that he can't see. He jokingly added that NANO would help him and his annoyed wife. It was really a warming feeling to know that this humorous gentleman would be helped and at least one of his senses could be restored.

My next argument on why this company is legitimate would be their trial periods and their 45 days return policy. When ordering your hearing aid, you will have 45 days to test the product and if you are not happy with it you can return it for a refund or exchange. They also have a one year warranty on all their products for any factory damage.

If the above information was still not enough to convince you we would like to mention that NANO hearing aids are FDA registered, they are Medical Prosthetic Devices classified under Class 1, which is the lowest classification for a device's risk factor.

What products does NANO sell?

NANO Hearing Aids sell 2 types of hearing aids, rechargeable and battery powered hearing aids. All their products are all very discreet and nearly invisible to see. You can wear them with glasses and oxygen without the hearing aid being in the way. All their products have noise reductioning technology which is a chip built into the hearing aid itself. Their hearing aids have 2 or more modes, with multiple volume settings, this enables you to adjust the hearing aid that it suits your needs perfectly.

Their hearing aids are water resistant and NANO includes different sizes of ear plugs that you can have the best fit for your ears. With each product you will receive, cleaning materials, a portable box and free shipping.

Let's look at each product more in detail:

The NANO RX2000 is a behind the ear (BTE) device which is their most entry level and most affordable device. The device is rechargeable and lasts up to 16 hours after 2 hours of charging. Your product comes with a charger and cleaning supplies and a carrier case. The RX2000 even comes with a low battery warning. This product is the most discreet product of the pack as it is as thin as a pencil. They sell at an astonishing price of $397 per pair and taking out a payment plan would cost you $37 per month.

The NANO X2 is a BTH device which works with batteries. The batteries can last up to 7 days if you are wearing them 10 hours a day. They include a year's worth of battery supplies that helps you save even further. It has 2 powerful directional microphones that helps you to pick up any level of noise and hear confidently. The NANO X2 is selling at $697 per pair, taking the X2 on a payment plan would be $65 per month.

The NANO 2XR are also rechargeable like the RX2000, the difference is the 2XR is a way more techno driven product with background noise cancellation technology and 2 directional microphones that helps you pick up any level of noise. These devices take upto 3 hours to fully charge and last for 16 hours. The 2XR is a BTE product that will give you a low battery warning and has 4 different settings depending on your environment. The four settings cosist of one-on-one conversation; TV; restaurant and outdoors. Each setting with their own frequency and noise level reduction levels. This product sells at $797 per pair and taking a payment plan would be $74 per month.

The NANO SIGMA is the best product NANO Hearing Aid has to offer. The device works with batteries and is also a BTE product. The thing that sets it above the rest is the fact that the hearing aids are linked with an app on your phone where you can control your hearing aids from your phone. On the app you can take hearing tests and according to those results the hearing aids will be set. The SIGMA sells at a really affordable price of $797 per pair and taking a payment plan on the SIGMA would be $74 per month.

Why are NANO's products so affordable?

And here we are, the big question. How can their products be so affordable? It all boils down to cutting out the middleman. You will have no traveling expenses to see a medical practitioner in person. There will be no practitioners fees to cover. The company does not have really high overhead expenses like physical stores that the customers, indirectly, need to pay for. NANO has manufactured their products with the best technology by a fraction of the prices by doing endless research and working closely with engineers making all of this possible. No more audiologist fees, everything is done online, even the shipping is for free.

Even though NANO's prices are really affordable, the reality is that a lot of Americans that need hearing aids will still not be able to pay the once off price. Never fear, when NANO is near, as they offer payment plans on each of their products making it even more accessible to ordinary Americans.

Okay, sounds great! But do they last?

Yes, on average the BTE products last up to 6 years. NANO products come with a 21 day trial period, this is how long it takes for your ears and hearing to adjust to the aids. A 45 day return policy so that should you not be happy with your aids you will have ample time to return them for a refund or exchange them for another product. They also give you a one year warranty on all their products. This is specifically for factory issues the product may have.

How do I choose a hearing aid?

The first step when choosing and buying a hearing aid would be to determine what type of hearing loss you suffer from. There are three common types of hearing loss sensorineural hearing loss; conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss.

Types of hearing loss

Sensorineural is the most common type of hearing loss and it occurs when there is a problem either in the inner ear or in the auditory nerve. The auditory nerve actually delivers the sound to your brain.

The causes for Sensorineural hearing loss is usually old age or long exposure to loud noises. The symptoms would be dizziness, noises may seem too loud or too soft, difficulty hearing high pitched sounds, constant ringing or buzzing in your ears and difficulty with following conversations.

Unfortunately, sensorineural hearing loss can not be treated by surgical or medical repairing. Fortunately it can be treated with hearing aids.

Conductive hearing loss is less common that occurs when there is damage to the outer or middle ear that causes sound not to enter the inner ear. The causes can be ear infection, Otosclerosis, Tympanosclerosis, foreign bodies inserted in the ear, Exostoses or wax impaction. Symptoms of Conductive hearing loss would be, pain in both or one ear, feeling of pressure in one or both ears, foul odors coming from the ear canal or difficulty with phone conversations.

Conductive hearing loss can in some cases be treated with medical or surgical procedures and can be treated with hearing aids.

Mixed hearing loss is a combination of Conductive hearing loss and Sensorineural hearing loss.

How do I decide what the best hearing aid would be?

There are various ways of deciding, firstly if you need a hearing aid and secondly which type is best for you.

It is possible to make an appointment with an audiologist who is a trained professional and does a medical examination. The cost ranges from $59 to $90.

Another option is to see an otolaryngologist who is a physician specialising in treating diseases of the head and neck like ears, nose and throats. This can cost up to $600 to see a specialist.

The third option would be to do an online free test or phone a hearing aid company / dispenser and they do the test over the phone with you. Easy, at your home, for a free test.

I need a hearing aid and I know which one, now what?

Spend time on the internet, do research about the products on the market. Compare what you can get in terms of price / value. Look at product reviews, get in contact with sellers or companies and ask questions. Make sure there are return policies in place and warranties on the product you are buying. Should you return a product, would you get all your money back?

Many online companies offer you a choice between paying once off or taking a payment plan to suit your pocket. Also check what is included in your deal, would you have to buy necessary elements separately making the product more expensive? Is the device registered at the FDA?

After the Purchase

Okay, you have asked your questions, bought a product you are happy with and now you have a hearing aid. Remember, the hearing aid company should give you a manual, read it carefully.

It takes 21 days for your ears to get used to the device, be patient. Should you have more difficulties after 30 days, contact your selling company, explain your grievances and return or exchange.

What other hearing aid products and companies are there?


Eargo is an American based company with an online shop as well. They offer 3 different hearing aid products. Their best product is the Eardo NEO which is a rechargeable product, very tiny and discreet and behind the ear aid. The NEO has 4 different settings for noise and frequency, it also reduces background noise. The NEO sells for $2350 per set, delivery is free and a cleaning brush, wax and charger is included in the price. Unfortunately their products are not suitable for profound hearing loss patients.


Lively offers an online only solution and has one product, yet you can choose if you would like battery-powered or a rechargeable aid. The frequency settings can be changed from your smartphone on their app. The rechargeable option sells at $2250 and lasts upto 30 hours after 3 hours of charging. The battery-powered option sells at $1850, free shipping is included in your purchase. In comparison to NANO's pricing on their product Lively is more expensive, their cons are that their devices do not work for some types of hearing loss.


MDHearingAid is situated in the Midwest and offers an affordable solution to its customers. They offer four different aids, their best product is called CORE and connects to your smartphone to change the settings of the aid. It is currently selling at $999.99 per pair and offers free delivery. The cons of MDHearing Aids and their product are that they have limited options to choose from.


Costco does not manufacture their own hearing aids although they have teamed up with a company called Kirkland. Their best product on the market at the moment is the Kirkland Signature 9.0. This device is connectable to blue devices. The Signature 9.0 is a behind the ear device, but to be honest, not so discreet. The aid offers 3 manual settings and 9 automatic frequency settings. This device sells at $1499.99 per pair. Costco's prices are definitely competitive, the cons of Costco are that you need to be a member to be able to buy one of their hearing aids and they do not offer any payment plans.


Oticon has been around for decades. They offer a wide variety of hearing aids that have different styles. Oticon also sells hearing aids for kids. The cons of Oticon is that it does not sell to consumers directly and no prices of their products can be found online which makes it difficult to compare. You would have to contact a seller close to you for more info on pricing, and seeing that there are two companies that need to make a markup on the products we can only think that the price may be a bit heavier.


Lastly, your complaints about expensive, difficult to buy, traditional hearing aids have not fallen on deaf ears.

The market for hearing aid has changed drastically over the past few years. The traditional hearing aids are quickly being replaced with new innovative technology. Looking at all the hearing aid companies and their brands it is obvious from consumer data that NANO hearing aids is a favourite among Americans, "made in USA".

Choosing a brand that has the best reviews from paying customers using their products will always save the consumer trouble going forward: hearing aids are no different. What makes NANO stand out is not only their great product for the most affordable prices but their ability to understand their customers and their needs. They understand that many Americans do not have the means to buy the most expensive products on the market, yet the need for a hearing aid that is reliable and affordable is paramount.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for hearing aid and its evolutionary technology in the medical field with helping people with hearing problems. Choose the type of hearing aid brand that will be right there first in line to give their customers the best.

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