Ellen DeGeneres Sorry: 5 Types of Reactions To Ellen's Big Return, Apology

Ellen DeGeneres is Over

After months of keeping relatively silent over the issues and accusations thrown at her -- branding her as mean, toxic, racist and sexist -- Ellen DeGeneres returned on everyone's television screen and addressed the issue.

She could have decided to ignore everything and go back to just doing her job of hosting, but Ellen is not really built that way. Plus, she already said in the past that she would address these issues when her show comes back.

While some have been rallying for the show's cancellation, it did not happen. As a result, Ellen was able to deliver one of the most-watched national apologies to date -- and she delivered.

DeGeneres opened the show (which is highly anticipated by both fans and haters who want dibs on the drama) with: "If you're watching because you love me, thank you. If you're watching because you don't love me, welcome."

With that kind of opening, Ellen was able to jump into her lengthy apology, mixed with both seriousness and a little bit of comedy. 

"I take this very seriously, and I want to say I'm so sorry to the people it affected," the host said. She added that an investigation has now led to necessary changes being made.

Moroever, addressing the misconduct and sexual harassment allegations made about her show, she noted that she has "learned that things happened that should never have happened."

"If I've ever let someone down if I've ever hurt their feelings, I am sorry for that," Ellen added. 

DeGeneres then emphasized that it's quite tricky to be known as the "be kind" person because she never really aimed to have that title.

It can be remembered that one of the strongest criticisms against the host is that she is fake. Other accusations were not directly aimed at her but at the show's staff and executives, but allegations of being fake and mean are all thrown at her. This is because she's known as someone who calls on people to always be kind, so for her to be actually mean and NOT kind is disappointing.

"If you want to give yourself a new nickname or title, don't go with the 'be kind' lady. Don't do it." she joked. 

While many said she's brave for confronting the issues head on and fearlessly delivering her apology, not everyone in the Twitterverse and other social media platforms was impressed. The fact that she is still joking made people think she's just a privileged person who can brush off her crimes

Below are the five types of reactions that can be seen online. These views are important because these can serve as DeGeneres' sounding board. Is she ever going to be forgiven?

Can she just go back to making people laugh and giving away gifts as if she was not called fake for months? Has her apology made her look even more fake?

Reaction 1: Pleased and Happy To See Ellen Return

With or without an Ellen DeGeneres apology, these are the people who would love to see her on their screen.  



Reaction 2. Proud Ellen DeGeneres Apologized 

These people are happy with Ellen DeGeneres' apology, calling for people to just accept it. 


Reaction 3: Pissed and Indignant -- 'Please Don't Forgive this Fake!'

This group is even more pissed that Ellen apologized. The highly watched Ellen Degeneres apology did not do anything for them, because they think she's simply vile and has no place on TV





Reaction 4: The "Is that An Apology?" Gang 

This group thinks Ellen DeGeneres' apology is an utter joke. 






Reaction 5: The Let's Move On Peeps 

The chillest -- with some sound "tips" for the comedian. You don't know if they understand the issue. 



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