Trendy Christmas Gifts for 2020

Fall is upon us and another Christmas will be here before you know it. It's wise to start thinking about what to get people as early as possible.

 Below are a few trendy ideas that should be appreciated by almost anyone on your list. These gift ideas cover a variety of budgets. 

They will, at a minimum, give you some ideas that you might be able to take and run with to come up with your own gift ideas.

Cold Beer Coats

You enjoy sitting back and drinking a good beer while watching TV. You probably have a few friends or family members who do too. 

Get them a couple of cold beer coats to enclose their can of beer. It will keep the beer cool and their hand warm every time they grab it for a drink. As an added bonus, they can use it for any other similar size canned drink.

Amazon Smart Plug

Gifts that deliver convenience are definitely appreciated by most people. For a friend that you know already has Alexa, there is an excellent gift idea. 

You simply plug the Amazon Smart Plug into a power outlet, and then you can use Alexa to control anything that's plugged into it. 

It will give them a smart home with the ability to schedule lights, fans and various appliances to turn on and off whenever desired and enabling them to control them remotely.

Homesick Scented Candle

Do you have a friend or loved one who just moved to another state? They may be feeling homesick. You might consider sending them a scented candle that comes in a variety of scents that are tied to each state. 

From the orange and lemon scent of the Southern California candle to the water lilies, Magnolias and aster flowers of the Georgia candle, they've got the scent of your friend's previous state covered.

Custom Pillows

Almost everyone appreciates gifts that have a nice personal touch to them. When it comes to pillows, they don't get much more personal than one that has one or more photos printed on it. 

Do you have an endearing photo with your significant other that you know they adore? There's a company that enables you to design your own customized pillow online with one or more photos that you can have them print on it for you. 

If you know details about the recipient's pillow preferences, you can even order it in different styles such as micro suede, linen or sequin.

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

For the hard-working people in your life, they will love a gift that offers practical benefits. So many of us suffer from an aching neck or upper back particularly if we're bent over a computer screen for most of the day. 

They will definitely appreciate this neck and back massager that incorporates heating technology to give the ultimate soothing experience.

The Always Pan

Are you shopping for a Christmas gift for someone who lives in a place with a small kitchen? If so, they will definitely appreciate the Always Pan from Our Place. 

It's an all-in-one culinary wonder that is intended to replace several different pieces of cookware all in a single compact form. 

With this one pan, they'll be able to sauté, fry, sear, strain, boil and steam any food they wish. Anyone living in a cramped apartment with a tiny kitchen will love you for this.

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Almost everyone appreciates a cool gadget that makes their life a little easier. You simply attach this next to your front door, and you can see video of whoever comes to your door on your phone wherever you are. 

You can speak to a deliveryman from the supermarket and give them permission to leave a package. It can send you an automatic notification when anyone rings your doorbell, and it works with Alexa. See it on Ring.

High-Performance Bluetooth Tracker

Do you have a potential gift recipient who regularly loses bags, keys or other items? If so, the Tile Pro high-performance Bluetooth tracker might be the perfect gift for them. 

When they've lost an item they've tagged with one of these trackers, they simply ring that particular tracker with their phone, and they'll find it if it's within this tracker's 400 feet range. 

This is such a handy gizmo; you might want to buy a couple for yourself!

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