Best Benefits Of Having A Fireplace

Surveys show that many American homeowners love the idea of having a fireplace, and many new homes are being built with at least one fireplace, while other existing properties are being renovated and remodeled to add fireplaces too.

Even in this age of modern technology and smart home gadgets, there's something truly special about being able to light a fire in the home and gather around, feeling that natural warmth and bathing in the gentle glow of the flames.

If you're hesitating about having a fireplace installed and want to learn more about the benefits fireplaces can offer, read on!


Obviously, one of the best benefits of having a fireplace installed is that you get to enjoy the soothing warmth generated by the flames. Fireplaces allow you to naturally heat a space without having to rely on gas or electric heating systems, simply being able to toss a few logs onto the fire, light a match, and warm up your rooms with ease. This can make a real difference when the winter months come along, which leads to the following point.


Yes, having a fireplace can even save you money! There are some initial installation costs, and cleaning your chimney is non-negotiable, so you'll have to take those fees into account, but when everything is added up, burning fires on cold winter nights is often way more cost-effective than relying on heaters and radiators. Central heating costs quickly add up, but when using a wood-burning fireplace, you only need to worry about the cost of the wood itself, which can be obtained very cheaply.


Another nice benefit of having a fireplace is that they give you a dependable, reliable source of warmth and light, as and when you need it. Power can go out and water heaters can fail, but as long as you've got a grate, a chimney, and some wood, you'll never need to worry about passing a night in the cold, waiting for the power to come back on.

A Central Feature

Fireplaces also serve as lovely central features and focal points for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and so on. They can brighten up a space in more ways than one, catching the eye of guests and adding elegance and sophistication to your living spaces. One of the reasons why so many people love the idea of having a fireplace is because of how beautiful they are, and you can fit shelves and decorations around them to really enhance their aesthetic appeal as well.


Another brilliant benefit of having a fireplace is how soothing and relaxing they can be. There's nothing quite like throwing some logs on the fire on a rainy night and sitting back in your favorite chair, listening to the gentle crackle of the wood, and watching the orange flames lick the air. Scientists and researchers have even undertaken studies to learn more about why we find fires so relaxing. Whatever the reason, having a fireplace will definitely help to lower stress levels after long days.

Added Value

Primarily, you should get a fireplace to enjoy it yourself, but when the time comes to sell your property and move on somewhere new, it's worth noting that fireplaces can actually add significant value to a home. Many people are specifically looking for homes with fireplaces and will be happy to pay extra for properties that meet their needs. One survey suggests that fireplaces can boost home values by anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000.


Of course, as well as providing heat, a fireplace also brings natural light into a room, bathing the surrounding furniture in a gentle, soothing glow. This reduces the need for artificial, electric lights and lamps around your living spaces, saving you extra money on utility bills, and nicely illuminating your rooms. They won't necessarily produce enough light to fully fill a space, but they're ideal for setting a romantic, relaxing atmosphere.


Another great benefit of a fireplace is that it's surprisingly simple to use and maintain. Some people worry that there might be a lot of work involved in the upkeep, but really, all you need to do is shovel the ash out after each fire and dispose of them. You can even reuse the ash as fertilizer in your garden, or for other purposes, and there isn't much other essential maintenance or cleaning to worry about, aside from regular chimney cleaning.


Clearly, fireplaces can bring a lot of benefits into the average home, adding warmth and light to your life in more ways than one! If you're on the fence about a fireplace, perhaps these benefits might encourage you to learn more and take the plunge.

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