Celebrities Have a New Favorite Artist: Marko Stout

Marko Stout

It takes a certain sensibility to appreciate art and collect it, and we’re not surprised that celebrities have a natural knack for it. In fact, art and fame go perfectly together. Some of the world’s biggest A-listers are avid art lovers, and when we get glimpses of their glamorous homes, they almost always feature paintings from the most established contemporary artists. And, of course, we couldn’t picture modern-day art galleries without the presence of a Hollywood A-lister.


Celebrities are also great art collectors – after all, it’s not a cheap hobby, but it’s a fantastic way of investing your money. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio is often spotted at art galleries and auction houses, and he talked many times in interviews about how he invested a considerable part of his fortune into buying paintings.


As to the kind of art they prefer, celebrities seem to diversify their art investments as they do their stock portfolio: while some buy classic artworks from big names such as Warhol, Picasso, and Matisse, others choose to support up-and-coming contemporary artists whose works will grow in value in the future. And they’re right to do so because most of the time, these artists become prestigious names on the global art scene within a few years. One of the latest examples: Marko Stout.


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How Marko Stout took the New York art scene by storm

The very definition of urban poetry, New York is a dynamic, magnetic, surprising city, with striking contrasts and inspiring characters at every turn. Marko Stout’s works perfectly encapsulate New York’s restless spirit, and celebrities were among the first to love his unique style.


Often compared with Andy Warhol, Marko Stout describes himself as a multimedia artist who’s not afraid of breaking the rules and making distinctive color and texture combinations. His works include painting, photography, sculpture, and even cinematography, creating multi-sensorial experiences that touch on contemporary motifs. Although pertaining to the pop glamour style, Stout’s works feel deeply personal, familiar, and relatable. And that’s not surprising in the least, considering that Stout loves taking inspiration from daily life. In fact, one of his most acclaimed works, “Chelsea Girls,” is a celebration of the changing roles of the urban woman. Inspired by the time he lived in West Side New York, “Chelsea Girls” was praised for its portrayal of the modern woman, who is strong, independent, fierce, and is not afraid of showing her sexuality. Apart from the artworks themselves, Marko Stout also showcased a film called “Manhattan Project No.9” to complete the experience.

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Marko Stout is a refreshing presence on New York’s art scene, and his works are frequently on display at some of the most prestigious galleries. In 2019, the Tribeca gallery hosted his “Erotic Allure Volume 3”, which was sold-out and dubbed as the highlight of that year’s art season.


And New York wasn’t the only city to open Marko Stout’s artistic vision with open arms. In the past five years, he’s also had exhibitions in Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, and he’s on track to become one of the most prominent international artists.


Celebrities are a constant presence at Marko Stout’s art exhibitions.

It’s rare for an artist to gain critical acclaim and be popular at the same time. Usually, what critics describe as quality art the general public feels as cold and unrelatable, and what the general public loves critics describe as low-quality and meaningless. But Marko Stout seems to have cracked the secret recipe. Every one of his exhibitions is a buzzworthy event that attracts huge crowds: critics, art lovers, and, almost always, celebrities.


Mark Stout’s pop glamour is a magnet for celebrities and his fans include some of the biggest names in the biz: the Kardashians, Billie Eilish, Boy George, Tori Spelling, David Hasselhoff, Debra Messing, the stars of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and much more.


Songwriter and fashion designer Boy George said that “Marko Stout is Always Contemporary and Cool,” and actor Charlie Sheen shared his admiration for his works more than once: “Marko Stout is a Freaking Genius! His Art is Fabulous!!”

And yet, despite being a popular figure among celebrities, Marko Stout remains humble and down-to-earth. As he confessed many times in interviews, the company of celebrities isn’t his main source of inspiration. On the contrary, he’s inspired by the complexity of regular people, whose stories he loves to tell through his multimedia works. Collections like “Chelsea Girls” remain his primary focus, and not once does the viewer feel that Marko Stout’s works are something just for celebrities to enjoy. Every New Yorker can find themselves in a Marko Stout painting, which is a rare achievement worthy of the great artists.


Marko Stout’s exhibitions are in equal part artistic and social events. They attract colorful crowds, lure passers-by, and are the perfect example of how modern art should be consumed. Experiencing one of his exhibitions for the first time is an eye-opening experience that rattles your senses and challenges conventional art tropes. If you can’t be in New York for one of his events, you can always view his gallery online, on his official website, and you should definitely see the videos taken at the events too.


According to Social, the Lifestyle Magazine, Marko Stout’s genre-defying art attracts a wide audience, from critics to art lovers and celebrities. By taking motifs that regular art aficionados can relate to and expressing them in a unique way that defies categorization, Marko Stout appeals to everyone, without being pretentious or pompous. His works are raw, unfiltered, serving as an accurate representation of modern times. It’s what makes him one of the most influential artists of his generation and what helps him stay relevant.


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