Over the past few decades, the Television and Film industry has significantly increased its reach to the general public. Not only has the content increased in quantity, but the quality has also seen a rise with every passing year. While certain aspects of the film and TV content, for example, the filming equipment, editing, and processing software, etc., have evolved with time, one crucial factor has remained the same: music. 

Why Is Good Music Important?

Music is undeniably one of the most important parts of any film or TV production. It plays a considerable role in determining the impact of your content on the audience and, therefore, its success. Music is also one of the most easily unforgivable mistakes in any project. If you choose the background score without proper consideration for your film or TV project, it can be quite awkward and not sit right with the audience. It can, in a sense, make or break your project.

As a director, finding the right kind of music that fits the tone of your project and elevates your visual content can be an arduous task. Video editors find it challenging to find the right score and make it work with the scenes. In the decades past, directors used to hire music composers to create personalized tunes for their films and television shows. Nowadays, creating a project for film and TV has become convenient, all thanks to the services that provide stock music.

What Is Stock Music?

Stock Music or Production Music is music that is created especially for use in film, television, and other forms of video and audio projects. Artists hired by stock music services record their music on a project-to-project basis, and all the content produced is solely owned by these platforms. 

It bypasses the requirement for obtaining permission from individual artists for their music. Depending on the payment model used by these libraries, you can acquire musical tracks for use in your project through a one-time or recurring licensing fee. Most stock music services offer a "one-time-fee" subscription model, but others may offer a model based on royalties. 

With time, other prolific methods of licensing have also evolved. These include royalty-free production music, which means that once the license is purchased, you can use this music for your film and TV projects indefinitely, free of any payments for royalties.

Where Can You Find Production Music? 

You can find production music for your project across a range of online services that specialize in creating stock music libraries. Some of these options are listed below:

  • Firstcom Music

Firstcom has a wide variety of stock music perfect for use in your video projects. You can search for music by genre, artist, album, and mood, among various other options. You can also choose from professionally curated playlists.

  • Envato

Envato offers a large variety of elements for use in your media projects, including video elements as well as an excellent library of stock music. 

  • Audiojungle

Audiojungle has more than 100,000 music tracks and sound effects fit for use in film and TV projects.

  • Free Production Music

Aside from music libraries that offer licenses, you can also choose from a big collection of free stock music available at online services, such as Free Music Archive, YouTube Audio Library, Pixabay, Free Sound, and many others.