When it comes to buying products, many customers are now socially conscious of what they're buying and are actually choosing sustainable products over regular products. In 2018, the NYU Stern's Center for Sustainable Business carried out research and concluded that there was a 50% increase of growth in sustainable businesses from 2013. In fact, in 2018 there was a revenue of $114 billion dollars of sustainable products in comparison to 2013.

According to new research carried out by IBM in 2020, six out of ten customers have chosen to buy products that are aligned with their commitment of helping towards a positive change to the environment, rather than a negative one.

Businesses such as Vasarii have dedicated themselves to give back to the community and to continue creating products that meet their customers needs and aligns to their values.

Who is Vasarii?

Vasarii is an American personal care & cosmetics company that was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Boston. The company sells personal care and health products that are environmentally friendly, cruelty free and are made with all natural ingredients.

In fact, Vasarii became very popular in such a short period of time and is now highly recommended and recognised by many for their organic products. Customers from around the world have benefited from their eco friendly products at an affordable price.

The company was founded by Joshua Spilewski, he was determined to create products that were naturally resourced and can help benefit human life without causing any negative impact to the environment.

How does Vasarii give back?

Vasarii has an efficient manufacturing process that does not test on animals and has no chemical ingredients in any of their products. They donate 10% of their profits to charity organisations that are strong members of the community who are involved in protecting the marine habitat, preserving animal and plant life and contribute towards afforestation.

They've also helped several small charities such as Pete's Mission, Kwah Dao and Pure Blue Foundation. The charities that they have chosen to help are involved in helping refugee children in their everyday lives and tough situations, helping marine life and habitat preservation and providing a safe zone for vulnerable animals in sanctuaries. Most of the charities are located in Thailand.

This incredible company has also allowed their customers to vote and choose from a selection of charities that they should donate their money towards, since they believe that every voice should be heard.

What kind of products do they sell?

This company focuses on selling products that can benefit your personal care and hygiene, such as deodorants. Even though the company was founded in 2018, they actually started selling to customers in August 2019.

Their best selling deodorant is nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant, which is made of 100% premium natural mineral salts and can help prevent your pores from clogging up as well as fight against bacteria which causes odor. Vasarii gives back to the communities in Thailand, because they use naturally sourced ingredients from Thailand; such as the natural mineral salts in their deodorants.

The current products that they sell are mineral salt stick deodorants, however there will be a game changer for their products in January 2021, because they will be releasing their first ever mineral salt spray deodorant. This means that everyone can benefit from their organic deodorants and it is targeted at all environmentally conscious customers.

Our say

It is very important to support small yet successful businesses that want to take a stand against environmental issues and make a difference. It is especially crucial that we should be aware of the biodiversity loss, which has resulted from the high amount of Earth's resources being used by humanity, without it being replenished naturally.

According to a report that WWF published this year, between the years of 1970 and 2016 there has been an average decline of 68% of mammals, reptiles, fish and birds.

However, we can still prevent this by choosing products that are sustainable and companies that give back to the community, such as the deodorants that Vasarii sells.

That is why we highly recommend this company, because of the good ethics that they have set out as a business all together. It's time to make a difference and help this world become a better place.