You can always find a grain of fact inside of fiction. Like how some popular television shows have shared amazing lessons about proposing marriage. Look at these three TV proposals and their real-life lessons. (Spoilers ahead!)

1. Schitt's Creek:

Schitt's Creek recently swept the Emmy awards, bringing home nine trophies for acting, writing and directing. Before this Canadian comedy won over the Emmy voters, it won over the hearts of countless viewers with the love story between the character David Rose and Patrick Brewer. 

In Season 5, Episode 13, Patrick takes David on a nature hike. After a few mishaps, the two of them stop at a gorgeous lookout point, and Patrick asks David to take a box out of his backpack. David opens the box to find not just one engagement ring - but four. The show's writer, Dan Levy, explained that the Schitt's Creek proposal had to have four gold bands to replace the four silver bands that David has worn since the beginning of the show. It's a wonderful way for Patrick to prove just how much he knows and appreciates David as a partner.

What can you learn from this? Don't give your sweetheart any old ring. Give them one that suits their unique personality. If you're planning on proposing sometime soon, you should go to a custom jewellery designer to craft the perfect engagement ring. A custom jeweller like Alexis Gallery will help you come up with the design and pick the materials so that you can create the best engagement ring for the love of your life. 

2. Parks and Recreation:

In the Parks and Recreation episode Halloween Surprise, Ben Wyatt is offered a job that would force him to live in Florida, away from Leslie. He thinks about their future and decides that he doesn't want to be away from her for that long. He returns to Pawnee to surprise Leslie and propose. But, before he can get all of the words out, Leslie tells him to wait so that she can take everything in. She drinks in the moment and says "yes."

What can you learn from this? Cherish the proposal. Make it a special occasion that you can enjoy. Take photos. You will want to remember every single second. 

3. Friends:

There are a few big proposals on the classic sitcom Friends, but the most memorable one has to be Monica and Chandler's proposal. In the episode "The One with the Proposal," Monica surprises Chandler by getting down on one knee. She tries to propose and breaks down crying. Chandler manages to get down on his knee and finishes the job, fighting back his own tears. There's a reason why this moment consistently hits the top of every list for the best TV proposals in history. 

What can you learn from this? Be prepared to cry. It's going to be an emotional moment. Have a handkerchief or some tissues handy. Practice your speech a few times so that you can get the words out. And most importantly, don't get embarrassed about the tears - they're probably going to cry just as much as you.

The sets, the props and the characters may be fake, but the lessons are all too real. Use them to make sure that your own proposal is perfect.