When it comes to self care, it can sometimes be hard to fully understand how to actually treat yourself and be selfish, without feeling guilty. Many people tend to not allow themselves to express their emotions or are too selfless that they end up not caring for themselves. This can eventually lead to depression and anxiety, which can have a huge negative effect on your mental health well-being.

In fact, there is a common link indicating that those who neglect any form of self care eventually have a negative attitude towards their mental health and develop disorders. Dr.Yosef Alhasany  ( Dr. Yousef Khaled Fuad Hasan ) has also had his own journey of battling anxiety, depression and OCD and thought that there wasn't a cure for it until he adopted his own approach.

The medical doctor has successfully broken away from the cage of emotional enslavement and has reshaped the concept of originality. With the help of many mentors, he has created

his own psychoanalytic medical realistic approach, which has become the foundation of his practice that he uses on his patients.

 "I have used my own form of therapy which is a strategy that I stand by. I too have battled with those disorders over the years and I saw that the typical approach of psychiatrists was not the way to truly heal, but to only mask the symptoms. There are alot of limitations when it comes to regular cognitive behavioural therapy, regardless if it's good." he says.

The accredited Cognitive Behavioural therapist shares tips everyday on social media and has even created online programs where he helps people solve their relationship, psychological and medical issues.

Dr. Yosef Alhasany shares his tips that can help you improve your mental health well-being.

Give time to yourself and do the things you love

"It is important to be true to yourself and to fully understand what you actually enjoy doing and not just because you wish to be accepted into a certain community. Conformity is the biggest downfall for people because they end up adapting to things that they truly don't believe in just to be accepted." The medical doctor explained.

Dr. Yosef Alhasany believes that people should actually take a break from their everyday routine and should schedule certain hours for themselves in order to fully enjoy a hobby that they love doing - even if it's just sitting down all day and relaxing.

Don't be afraid to open up

"If you keep on bottling up your emotions it won't help you and it will only create a ticking time bomb that will unleash after being triggered by the smallest inconvenience. It's important for you to express yourself and speak up when something bothers you, or if you just want to say no to something. You should never pressure yourself into doing something that you don't want to, or think that your voice is not important enough to be heard." he advised.

The trained relationship coach believes that it's important to have a healthy relationship with family, friends and acquaintances where you can talk about things freely.

Find an activity that will challenge you

"Any form of exercise is actually stimulating for the brain and can release the chemical serotonin that will make you feel happy. Even if it's just walking around the block, it's important to do that so that you feel that you have pushed yourself to something productive." He explained.

Pay more attention of the present moment and leave closure with the past

"The best way to form any closure is to talk about it first. It can be a long, raw and emotional journey for you, but it's important to dissect the real issues that have subconsciously affected you. It's okay to seek therapy and to talk to a professional about this, because it's much needed in order to fully understand who you are and how you operate. Once you have closed a chapter on this part of the journey, you will then see what it's like to be mindful and appreciate the present moment in your life." He says.

Dr.Yosef Alhasany will be releasing a book called Your psychological subconsciousness complexes: Are your maternal prison? The realistic Psychoanalytic Approach in Relationships, Childhood & Sexuality in the Arab Worlds.