Spanish-born Astor Salcedo is an artist with experience in numerous artistic forms. He has experience in many cultural fields, and he has made a name for himself in many spaces, including as a business owner. He uses his own experiences as inspiration for the art that captures the world's chaos and the harmony that may arise from the commotion.

How Astor became an artist

He has used his love of storytelling as inspiration for documentary filmmaking, photography, and oil paintings on various surfaces, including canvas. He started his career as a fashion and portrait photographer working with celebrities. One of them is Steffi Graf - a skill that has remained with the artist and has been incorporated into his modern collection in various ways.

He currently prefers using oils - albeit on numerous surfaces. He does not confine his work to the canvas but instead explores possibilities by using photographs and paper. His mix of forms speaks to the contemporary nature of his art - art that will not be confined to one classification but instead reflects the inherently discordant nature of life and the art that often seeks to make sense of it.

How Astor explores the contemporary and human spectrum of experience that relates to harmony and dissonance

As an artist, his exploration of the whole spectrum of human experience is manifested in his use of textured layers and deep colors.

His experience of harmony and dissonance has been highlighted in the turbulent times being faced by humanity. It has prompted a shift in thinking, and there has been an emphasis on the broad range of emotions experienced during times of trouble. We see flashes of anger, but also hope; aggression, but also peace. The realization is clear to Astor: everything happens for a reason.

Nearly incomprehensible swatches of vibrant colors speak to the chaos of this modern age, and the confluence of differing messages shouted out, whether in private or the news. The canvas expresses his new experience of human emotion as he witnesses it in others - his consciousness has been expanded as he considered the shift in circumstance worldwide.

His work reflects how this time has brought out the very best and the very worst of humanity. As this new age dawned, everything has been overturned - and our expectations had to be overturned alongside it. The splatter of abundant colors comes to represent the dissonance we see in everyday life. Still, as the colors amalgamate to form a piece of art that will stand the test of time, we see the harmony that may be accomplished even through the chaos.

Explore Astor's work

His work has been showcased worldwide at numerous exhibitions, including Trinity House Paintings in London and the United States, and Germany. He has received German's highest TV award, "Deutscher Fernsehpreis," for his exceptional documentary on the atomic bomb.

However, another source of particular pride in his position of founder of the BLINK Art Group. This space allows open exchange between artists, art collectors, and those who love art. This space has become popular with many contemporary artists, including Verena Schöttmer, Armin Völckers, Daniel Hörner, Jelle Wagenaar, and Max Dunlop. This project speaks to his love of talking and learning about art - it is a space where dialogue may be established by those who share his passions.

He has also expanded his horizon by being a co-founder of the Yacht Art Management with Tilman Kriesel. Kriesel's family are the founders of the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, and it is well-known as Germany's No. 1 museum. Their shared business takes care of the valuable art on Mega Yachts, and his experience stems from his fiancé's occupation as an interior designer for Mega Yachts. He is no stranger to luxury brands, and he has become quite the expert in the field.

Learn more

His personal website gives insight into his motivation. It provides ample examples of his work in all of its forms, especially his new work "The Unmasking" which results from his considerations of our stormy pandemic reality.