Landscape photographer, Josh Beames, uses his talent for capturing unique and astonishing acts of nature to prompt others to take a more active role in protecting the planet both for ourselves and for future generations.

How Josh started on his journey

Josh Beames has spent most of his life exploring the world around him - from his neighborhood when he was a child, to the beautiful Australian coastline as a young adult, and the whole world as an adult.

His home in Warrnambool, Victoria, has been a blessing to the avid explorer. He was close to the Great Ocean Road and had the opportunity to see intense storms and scintillating sunsets on incredible cliff faces. Being surrounded by this astonishing beauty inspired him to capture that same beauty for others.

In 2012, Josh started his photographic journey with an iPhone and GoPro. However, he realized that he needed something different to really showcase the beauty that he saw all around him. So, he decided to get a basic DSLR in 2014 before upgrading to the Nikon D750 as his own skills were refined. From then onwards, he has been obsessed with using his talent to portray the wonders of the planet.

What he hopes to accomplish with his landscape photography

Josh has a strong passion for the environment and he tries to showcase his perspective and just how beautiful the planet really is. We see the diverse landscapes and natural phenomena that the world has to offer through the eyes of someone who truly appreciates it.

According to Josh, “I feel the more people that find themselves taking photos and being out in nature and also respecting where they venture, the more people care and help create change.”

By showing the astonishing nature of what surrounds us, Josh hopes to inspire others to protect our planet and resources for future generations.

These are some of the most unique shots he’s taken

“Lightning & Bioluminescence”

When Josh heard some incredible things about how stunning the rare bioluminescence was near Lorne, he knew that he had to try and capture it. So, he traveled to the seaside town in order to witness it for himself.

When he got there, a storm was passing over the ocean and he managed to capture a moment that is so rare, it hasn’t really been caught on camera before. As he watched from an isolated beach spot, he took a photo that depicted not only the bioluminescence he went looking for, but bioluminescence alongside lightning. This shot is one that is unique and extraordinary - a once in a lifetime shot that speaks not only to his talent, but also his dedication.

“Iceland Glacier Under Over”
“Iceland Glacier Under Over” by Josh Beames

Final take

The Nikon School Lecturer and Nikon Z Creator has a wealth of experience in traversing the bounds of nature and taking those who see his photos along with him.

According to him, “when I’m in nature, I see myself in a different light, as much as what I view the planet in a different way. I see my part in the world, and what I have to do to protect the life that I want for myself and for my children.”

Ultimately, there is very little doubt that the beauty that he shows through his unique shots have an immense impact on those who see it. It is nearly impossible to see that beauty, and not want to save it.