So You Wish to Start Golf? Know About it First!

So You Wish to Start Golf? Know About it First!

Ever heard of the word, "Golf is a rich man's game." Well! Not precisely, or should I say not anymore. But did you know even celebrities are fond of this incredible game? In fact, J-Lo loves playing golf. Surprisingly, she went to the Baker's Bay Golf Club in the Bahamas to celebrate her recent engagement. Not only her, even Adam Levine, who seems too cool for school, also featured in a project that was one of the Golf Channel's flagship programs. 

Not only them, even the star of the famous golf movie, Caddyshack, Bill Murray also is a very keen golfer who spends most of his time, despite having a handicap of eight. And who can forget the famous Justin Timberlake. He also loves playing the sport and is even eyeing on the PGA Tour. Isn't that great?

But that's only one side of the coin! It's not a rich man's sport anymore. Rather anyone can start playing this sport. Why? There is a health benefit of choosing golf as a sport as well. Let's learn more about it.

Playing Golf- This is What You Can Expect

While many of you might think playing golf is more like a leisure activity, the reality is that walking your golf is counted as a form of exercise (of course, if you avoid golf carts). If you play golf, it would be a part of a moderate exercise regime. 

It doesn't end here. If you choose golf as your game, the practice of picking the balls and walking up the hills or sandpits will act as an exercise for the lower body. For instance, it would be an excellent workout for quads and hamstrings. 

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, playing golf would improve your health and well-being in the following way. 

  • Since we already pointed out the fact that playing golf is equivalent to doing workouts, eventually, it helps to burn calories. In fact, if you go by statistics, a game of golf can help you burn approximately 1500 calories if you choose to walk instead of using carts. 

  • Since you are playing in an open field, your body automatically gets vitamin D. Other than that. The fresh air helps you breathe easier.

  • This sport helps the players to take down their stress levels. Although mastering the art takes time, the focus and analysis of this sport require help to take off your mind from stress or negative situations quite easily. 

  • While you might think of golf as a solitary sport, however, it is a game that allows you to compete in friendly matches. The best part is that it improves your social life. How? If you want to make someone who plays golf special, the ideal gift for golfers would be equipment related to the game. That's all you need to extend your friendship. And the thrill of playing against other golfers is an excellent way to make new friends or catch up with the old ones. 

  • As we already mentioned that this sport requires a lot of focus. So, going for this particular sport will improve your concentration, thereby making your mind sharper. 

Now that you know about its promising benefits, if you are also thinking about playing the sport, this is what you must do. 

Playing Golf- What do You Need?

This goes without saying that you'll need the right equipment. However, make sure not to dwell much on that initially, at least until you perfect your skills a bit. Then you will get plenty of time to look through different products. However, make learning the game your priority initially. 

Other than that, you need to focus on the following things:

  • Start with a driver, sand wedge, and basic things regarding golf. Don't go overboard with clubs. Start with a few in your bag. Once you get the hang of it, then you can increase it to 14 as well. 

  • Always try before you buy anything. Whether it's a bag, putting green, range finder, or the stick itself, you must put thought into finding the best item. Look for the reviews before buying anything. And if you are trying to select a gift for a golfer, the same process must be applied.  

  • Go for woods with more loft unless you are well-coordinated or have experience with stick or ball sports. This will help you to get the ball in the air quickly. Also, choose drivers that are at least 10 degrees of loft. 

  • Select the right ball and buy more balls since you can lose them when playing. 

All in all, you must work on your technique and try becoming a pro, not for competing in games but to take care of yourself mentally and physically. Also, experts suggest going for clubs that are specially made for beginners. You can start off with hybrids instead of 3-, 4-, or 5- irons. Further, go for irons with wider soles. 

But what about playing the sport?

When it comes to playing golf, the hardest part is always taking the first step. You need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Why do you want to play this sport?

  • Do you want to play it for personal or professional reasons?

  • Do you need some basic instruction? 

  • How much time are you willing to invest?

Only after that, you must start with the training sessions. Unless you are trying for a PGA tour, you must take it slow and work on your focus and concentration. That's the most essential part.

In the End- It's All About "Practice Makes The Man Perfect"

With the world already so much into trauma because of what happened in the last year, it is very important to participate in the activities that help make you mentally strong. And if you consider research, researchers confirm the positive influence of golf on one's life. 

However, don't go overboard with buying things. You must learn the technique first. That's the only way to enjoy the overall experience. Otherwise, you'll always feel a little laid back whenever the golf session is round the corner. 

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