Fashion Nova is a US-based fast-fashion company that is known for its affordable and trending pieces. Since its e-commerce store launch, Fashion Nova has grown to become a global brand. It now has five brick-and-mortar stores in Los Angeles, while it focuses on selling its pieces on Instagram and the official website.

Fashion Nova was first established in 2006 by the CEO, Richard Saghian. The company didn't start selling online until 2013. Before then, they operated inside the Panorama Mall, Los Angeles. Even then, Fashion Nova was selling affordable club-wear.

When it was only a physical store, Richard Saghian was able to communicate with the customers. He sought to understand all the things that bothered them and what they really wanted to wear. So, three years after the online store launch, Fashion Nova launched the Curve Collection. This collection was to provide plus-sized and curvy ladies with affordable pieces that look great on them.

Fashion Nova didn't stop there. They expanded to menswear in 2018, and a Kids collection in 2020.

On October 20, 2020, Fashion Nova announced that the highly anticipated "Maven Beauty" was to launch.

(Photo : Maven Beauty)

What is Maven Beauty?

Maven Beauty is a pro-level makeup line by Fashion Nova. According to the CEO, Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova has always and will continue to celebrate body positivity, diversity, and beauty in all forms. He said customers have been asking them to expand into beauty. So, throughout 2019, he built the team in charge of developing the products, testing ingredients and technology from different places around the world to ensure that the products released are of top quality. That's what the brand appears to be committed to - creating high-quality formulations in different shades and palettes that everyone can use.

Just like with the other pieces and fashion items made by Fashion Nova, the beauty line is also very affordable.

The collection includes different pro-level essentials that complement different skin colors. Asides from the studio-tested essentials, the collection also contains premium false lashes and brushes, so Mavens (people who use Maven beauty products) can have a perfect look.

Why is Maven For Everyone?

Apart from being super affordable and able to be purchased by anyone in any income class, Maven Beauty products also work well with everyone's skin.

The products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They also come with complimentary colors and shades for all races and skin complexions.

Maven Beauty Products

1.      Basic Beat Eyeshadow Palettes -

These palettes are designed with hybrid surface technology  (HTTP) and help give your eyes a bolder color and wet finish. Apart from being used as an eyeshadow, you can also use them to add contours and blush, or as a highlighter. The palettes are sold for $19.

2.      Maven Highlighter -

The Maven Highlighter is a clear gel created with a unique wet-tech procedure that gives you a flawless look by intensifying the pearlescent pigment. You can use it on both your face and body. It costs $5.

3.      Basic Beat Cream Eyeshadow -

This creamy eyeshadow is mixed with marine lavender and can be used to give an anti-wrinkle effect. You can either use the eyeshadow as a base or wear it alone for a more natural effect. It costs $13.

4.      Maven Lipsticks -

Maven products give you an overall makeover, and your lips are not excluded. The demi-matte lipsticks in the collection come in five different shades including red velvet. They are very easy to use, and you don't have to layer with feathers or bleeding every time. It can be layered liberally. The lipsticks cost $14.

5.      Maven Waterproof Liquid Liner -

You also get an eyeliner with a brush applicator. Its delivery system ensures that there's no waste on every application and your eyeliner remains fresh. The liner is available in shimming and matte pearlescent shades. You can also use it as a waterproof eye shadow. The retail price is $14.

6.      Maven Pro Lashes

For only $9, you get Maven reusable pro lashes in different styles.

7.      Maven Pro Artistry Brushes

You can give your face a refresh with any of Maven Pro Artistry Brushes. There are 30 different bristle shapes and sizes to give you the perfect look. The brushes cost between $6 and $19.

Maven beauty products which range from $6 to $19 will give you a fantastic look. The pro-level cosmetics were created by Fashion Nova to help inspire ladies (Mavens) to be confident in themselves and express themselves in whatever ways they want.

Fashion Nova is known for celebrating body positivity. They have done this with their clothing lines, creating clothes for curvy and plus-sized women. They make their regular clothes in sizes XS to 4S, so everyone can find something that looks good on them.

This is the same thing they've done with the beauty line. They have different palettes that will go with different complexions and looks, and all their products are made of ingredients that everyone can use.

This is not the last we will be seeing of Maven Beauty. It will be updated regularly with new and trending collections, and they will all be sold on the Fashion Nova website. You can head there now to get your own Maven Beauty products and begin your journey of self-expression.