Public interview videos have always been quite intriguing and exciting. The fun amplifies when the people giving the interview are at their most comfortable, amongst friends on a night out. That's when Steven Franz, the 24 years old influencer approaches his guests.  

The aspiring social media influencer goes out of his way to ask some of the boldest and exciting questions one can get. These aren't soft or kid-friendly questions because he doesn't mind taking things up a notch. That's what he does. He breaks the limits asks the questions we want to hear. 

These can range from the worst sex experience, the most embarrassing situation a person has been in, to something ridiculous like 'does size matter?' The playful vibe he casts on his videos keeps things borderline interesting. People get eager to watch and get the answers.  

Nobody Is Alone In This World 

These questions are something we would ask ourselves. For example, "Did this only happen to me?" or "Why does it only happen to me?" But the truth is, when you see his videos, you realize that there are many other people out there going through the same thing.

That power of connectivity makes his content richer and much more appealing to the people.Everyone around the globe gets inspiration and understands that they are not the only ones. There are many people out there. It restores the hope in people and gives them something to strive towards, a better future. 

Inspiring Through The Content 

Of course, that's not all the enthusiastic content creator brings to the table. His wanderlust side often prompts him to travel the world and explore new destinations. This side of his video is a rare sight but indeed much more admirable and influential. His glimpse of the world inspires people to travel and live their life to the fullest. 

Even though his questions, the things one person might find awkward might be the jam for the other person. It seems like he is trying to deliver a message to the world. Thus, his endeavors to rise to heights continue. 

What Does The Future Hold? 

Steven is striving towards a 1 million benchmark on Youtube followers. He disappeared for quite some time, but now he is back to bring content with full throttle. The rising influencer is planning on getting more lifestyle and fitness content in collaboration with other YouTubers. It will undoubtedly be a sight to behold.