Researching Lash Enhancement Methods? Here's Our Advice

Researching Lash Enhancement Methods? Here's Our Advice

Most people love the look of long and lush eyelashes. Beautiful eyelashes are objectively a sign of attractiveness and have been for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. Gorgeous lashes make your eyes look bigger and cause the whites to pop, showing signs of youthfulness and good health. 

Just look at the cosmetic history of ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures. You'll see that the eyes were adorned with precursors to mascara, such as charcoal used as eyeliner to draw attention to the eyes, also creating mystery. Once commercially-made mascara became available in the early 1900s, women were able to abandon their homemade concoctions for this much-loved cosmetic. 

However, sometimes mascara isn't enough. You've probably seen people whose eyelashes have that certain and undeniable "wow factor," and you'd probably like to have that too. You might even wonder if their stunning eyelashes are real or if they've undergone some enhancement for lash growth.

If you are exploring lash enhancement methods, you might want to check out three pieces of advice first. 

1. It's Best to Avoid False Eyelashes 

It's best to avoid wearing false eyelashes for long-term or regular use. While they are not specifically considered unsafe, it's not ideal to wear them often, for prolonged periods, or frequently. False eyelash manufacturers use glue to attach them to your own eyelashes and eyelids, and this can cause issues. One issue that it can cause, if you don't remove them carefully, is that the glued-on lashes might cause traction as they pull on your own eyelashes, causing damage like the loss of some of your own eyelashes, known as alopecia areata of eyelashes

2. Approach Eyelash Extension Procedures With Caution 

Did you realize there is a procedure that allows you to have permanent eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are sometimes confused with false eyelashes, but the two have some key differences. Eyelash extensions offer you a semi-permanent solution to make your eyelashes look long and full without wearing mascara. Eyelash extension is an actual procedure best performed and applied by a trained and licensed professional. When done correctly, they are a safe way to enhance your natural lashes. If done incorrectly, such as using the wrong adhesive, eyelash extensions can cause discomfort, infection, or even permanent loss of lashes. 

3. Consider Using an Eyelash Growth Serum

One safe, natural, and affordable way to lengthen your eyelashes is by investing in a lash growth serum that gets results. The right eyelash serum increases your own lash density to create a fuller appearance, promotes the growth and well-being of longer and healthier lashes, is easier to apply than false eyelashes or lash extensions, and gives you more confidence. Rely on a lash boost serum that conditions your lashes nightly, giving them a longer, fuller, and darker appearance. With this approach, you don't need to worry about eyelash loss or strain on your eyelids, and you can do it all naturally and affordably. 

Enjoy Long and Beautiful Lashes With the Right Method 

As much as you long for long, beautiful eyelashes, you don't want to try to get them only to sacrifice the lashes you do have. False eyelashes and eyelash extensions aren't necessarily unsafe, but they aren't the safest and most natural approach to eyelash enhancement. As is often true, the most natural method yields the best results at a reasonable price and with the least risk. 

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