Celebrities have chefs, physical trainers and personal stylists at their beck and call, and they still have trouble bouncing back after having a baby. Find out how plastic surgery helped four celebrity moms address their postpartum problem areas and regain their confidence. 

Plastic Surgery for Moms

Motherhood can do a number on your body. Pregnancy can leave you with stretch marks and excess weight that doesn't go away with diet and exercise. Childbirth can leave you with sagging or puckered skin. And nursing can cause breasts to droop and deflate. 

This is why world-class plastic surgery clinics offer Mommy Makeovers - these are custom combinations of plastic surgeries that focus on common problem areas for moms. 

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What procedures can you get? Take a look at what these famous moms got done and get inspired. 

1. Jessica Simpson

Singer Jessica Simpson got two tummy tucks (abdominoplasties) after her pregnancies left her with stretch marks and loose skin on her midsection. This is a common insecurity for new moms. The midsection expands rapidly throughout the pregnancy and contracts quickly after giving birth. The skin around that area doesn't have time to adjust. So, it hangs loose or puckers. 

New moms should wait between 9 months to a year before turning to a tummy tuck. That will give the skin around your midsection time to readjust. It just might snap back on its own.  

Tummy tucks are also popular with moms because it also strengthens the muscles in the abdominal wall. Pregnancy can permanently shift and separate the abdominal muscles - this can't be fixed with diet, exercise or time. A tummy tuck can reconnect those shifted muscles. 

2. Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B got her breasts redone after having her daughter Kulture. She decided to give her breasts what she called a "renovation" after pregnancy and nursing took a toll on them. 

Lots of moms get breast surgery because their breasts changed dramatically after having kids. Some find that they've lost volume, making their breasts look flat and deflated. Some find that they're droopy and downturned. To remedy this problem, moms can opt for a breast lift and/or breast augmentation. Together, these surgeries will improve the shape, volume and height of the breasts. 

3. Patricia Heaton 

Actress Patricia Heaton got a tummy tuck and breast surgery after she had four kids. She admitted that plastic surgery made her feel more confident about her body, especially when she was in the prime of her career.  

4. Blac Chyna

Celebrity Blac Chyna is open about getting liposuction after giving birth to her daughter, Dream. She felt that the size of her buttocks had gotten "out of control," so she underwent liposuction. 

Liposuction is a popular procedure for moms who can't lose the baby weight around their stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks and more. It's only recommended as an option after you've recovered from childbirth and you are close to your goal weight. 

If you're unhappy with some of the side effects of motherhood, you could follow in the footsteps of these celebs and get cosmetic surgery.