QR code is now used to access digital menus across foodservice businesses such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, bars, and bakeries. Guests can access a reliable and hygiene-friendly digital menu QR code. 

As we are entering a phase where health and safety become a primary concern to many, the foodservice industry has transitioned to using a QR code-enabled menu.

Gone are the days where we peruse a physical menu. Nowadays, guests can just scan a menu QR code to choose food and to order using their own mobile device!

Thus, menu QR code provides guests an easy and efficient way of ordering, paying, and more. 

What is a menu QR code?

The menu QR code is a digital version of traditional menu cards at restaurants. It is created with the use of a QR code generator online. Diners can scan QR codes to view and access the restaurant's menu on their mobile devices. 

You can put photos of your dishes and add descriptions in your menu QR code. They are considered a contactless solution and are also environment-friendly. 

No apps are required to access the menu content; all they need is a smartphone camera to access menus.

Benefits of menu QR code in restaurants

Increases food orders and sales

The adoption of digital menus is revolutionizing the way customers experience dining. Building visual menus are proven to increase food orders by adding photos to digital menus.

By using menu QR codes, viewers can also save or download the menu if they enjoy the food and share the food images with friends on social media.

Update your menu anytime

When you generate your menu QR code in dynamic form, you can edit your menu anytime without having to reprint the code. 

Dynamic QR codes are editable any time, allowing you to change, add or remove your menu for occasions or add any dishes.

For instance, if some food items in your menu are unavailable, you can easily edit your menu QR code. 

Access more information in menu QR code

Unlike traditional menus, guests can view more content and more information by scanning a QR code. 

They can know more about the nutrition facts and allergy information, or scroll down through different dishes you offer. 

Through this customer-centered information included in a menu, guests won't have to wait for the waiter to ask for clarification. 

How to maximize the uses of menu QR codes to engage diners?

QR code in action

Multimedia has always been a promising platform to engage people. You can include interactive content in your menu by putting a video or any other interactive content such as online games, quizzes, and more.

For instance, you can incorporate a video in your menu which will take your guests on a virtual tour of your kitchen, educate them and let them watch how their meals are prepared while waiting. 

You can also give your guests a behind-the-scenes look inside your kitchen.

This will make guests more informed and delighted about the dishes they ate. 

Display menu QR code in online ordering and delivery platforms

Since many people are turning their focus to off-premises ordering channels, delivery and takeout systems are growing, helping restaurants survive especially during the pandemic.

To make the most of the online ordering trend, the restaurant can promote its online ordering platform by putting menu QR codes on its website. 

Creative display of menu QR code

Keep your guests engaged by displaying your menu QR code creatively. You can print the QR code on a tablecloth, in dice, or an interesting piece in your restaurant. 

When adding them into your restaurant accessories, you can always tap the use of a QR code generator with logo online to create customized and theme menu QR codes. 

This way, guests would certainly take a picture and share it on social media. Start a trend to subtly promote your food business using QR codes.


QR codes are a potential tool to make your restaurant modern and tech-savvy. Whatever food businesses you're in, you can make use of menu QR codes to increase sales, engage customers, and offer a delightful dining experience.