While the traditional style isn't as popular as it once was, this home decor style will never fade away completely. Some people simply feel more at home with older furniture and antiques. If you can't afford the real deal, you can get brand new furniture in traditional styles when you shop for furniture online. As we jump into what the traditional style is and what to look for, check availability on the official website 1StopBedrooms

What is the traditional style?

Traditional home decor is based primarily on furniture fashions from the 18th and 19th century, although period furniture as far back as the 17th century also falls within this category. Traditional styles can include those from Europe and United Kingdom, but they are particularly associated with 18th and 19th century British and French styles. Among other themes, victorian home decor lives within the traditional style.

Although the definition of the traditional style is broad, you should still try to keep all of the furnishings from roughly the same period and region. While there is definitely much crossover in styles across Europe and the UK in the 18th century, there are some pieces that just will not fit with Victorian decor.

Rich finished wood tones and furniture

Traditional furniture was made of beautiful solid hard woods like mahogany, cherry, and walnut. Part of what makes this traditional furniture so appealing is these deep hues that draw attention while blending well with a luxuriously appointed room. Furniture made from natural woods are also much more durable than their counterparts.

Ornate carving, detailing, or moldings

Traditional furniture wasn't built to be just functional. It was handcrafted to be a beautiful piece of art as well as a functional item. Winged back chairs, tufted couches, and leather ottomans are popular pieces. But you don't have to go to an antique mall or estate sale to get these beautifully carved pieces. Instead, you can buy new furnishings with these traditional styles.

Patterned upholstery and plush fabrics with luxe accents

A traditional room design is further enhanced by plush fabrics and luxe accents. Fabrics like velvet or damask in deep hues like purple, royal blue, burgundy, or forest green add opulence to the room and make it seem even more luxurious. Traditional patterns like floral or art deco prints can also give depth to your traditional home design. You can also add some luxurious accents like gold accent tables.

Soft corners and rounded edges

Traditional furniture is large, bulky, and somewhat overwhelming. To tame things back a bit, furnishings in the traditional style have soft upholstered corners. Heavy wood furniture will be curved and rounded to a smooth, lustrous finish. English and french dovetail furniture also fits the bill, but will give you a more elegant look.

Symmetry and balance

The modern, contemporary, and eclectic home design styles thrive on diversity, but the traditional style is all about symmetry and balance. Whereas you might not want a matched furniture set for other styles, a complete bedroom set, living room set, or dining room set in the traditional style are a must. Heavy carved wood furniture looks best when it is offset by similar pieces. You can add some depth and diversity to the look with your choice of home decor and accessories, such as throws, pillows, table lamps, wall art, or more.

Furniture arrangement in the traditional style

The arrangement of your furniture is going to be fairly standard with the traditional style. Your complete bedroom set will include a solid wood frame with headboard and footboard, two heavily carved nightstands, and a dresser or chest of drawers. Some dressers have optional mirrors available, but for a traditional bedroom a detailed floor mirror will work best.

A complete living room set in the traditional style would include a sofa or couch, perhaps a loveseat, and two accent chairs, at least one with an ottoman, or a newer functional recliner. The furniture should be arranged in a natural square or circle, with a balance that lends well to deep conversations.

Whereas you might pull furniture away from the walls for a modern look, traditional decor generally dictates the opposite. Really heavy furniture like most antiques and new pieces in the traditional style, need to be placed near a wall, particularly a load bearing one. Taller pieces like chests of drawers, armoires, or bookshelves, should be placed directly against a wall and mounted for added stability and safety.

Finding the perfect traditional furniture

If you would rather have new furniture, or you just don't want to pay for a matched set of antiques in quality condition, you can still get the perfect furniture for your traditional home. Online furniture stores offer many options that mimic that traditional style while giving you modern engineering and price.