The worldwide pandemic has totally flipped the script on remote working. It's now mainstream, but some of us still need to get ready for the day. We go through the routine of getting ready for work as we normally would in order to face the day and be productive. With the popularity of videoconferencing, it's still necessary to look put-together and professional when meeting with our team members and clients.

Today, dressing for working from home is all about stylish comfort. After all, who cares about what is below the frame of your computer's camera? Employers are more relaxed about what you wear at home, so take advantage of it! So, if you're wondering what to wear when working from home, stay tuned!

Business Very Casual

Business casual doesn't mean sacrificing comfort. The idea of business casual on top and a "party on the bottom" is a fun one. Try grown-up, comfy tees dressed up with embroidery or a bold graphic tee paired with your favorite hoops and chain link necklace rather than your chic dress blouse with a blazer.

A bit of bling is pleasing to the people looking at you. It just dresses things up a bit. You don't have to go all out with it. Just keep it simple. For the bottom half, go wild! Wear the pants you're most comfortable in, like leggings, those cushy sleepwear bottoms, or yoga pants. And for your feet ... slippers rule!

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

I know there are those of you who start strong in the morning and need to be ready for anything. Athleisure clothes may be a better choice for your active lifestyle. With your choice of a crop top and shorts, a skort, or an exercise dress, you can be comfortable working and still deal with mom duties, if needed. Give yourself an emotional boost with a colorful headband, and throw on a non-structured blazer or button-down shirt for those quick virtual meetings and phone calls. Don't forget the sparkle. Add some simple jewelry and running shoes for a look that never goes wrong. This style will still give you the versatility of going for a quick run at lunch!

Stylishly Comfortable Dresses

When we're digging around for comfortable stuff, let's not forget the simple dress. Not talking about the form-fitting, ultra-stylish dress you'd pair up with pantyhose and stilettos. We're talking about the simple, comfy T-shirt dress. Baby doll dresses with the three-tiers are comfortable, but you can also try little cotton  beach dresses. They are light and airy, and they offer a classier look than shorts or sportswear. They are also very simple to dress up with earrings or a simple drop pendant necklace. These dresses are a stylish, go-anywhere alternative to loungewear, shorts, or PJ pants.

Whatever your taste in comfortable clothes, you can incorporate it into your work-from-home business life. Just a few minor tweaks will have you Zoom-ready in no time at all. It's also so easy to go from Zoom to mom or for a quick grocery run with the easy versatility of these styles.