Denver has many attractive experiences to offer, from its vibrant city life nestled between mountains to amazing hiking and skiing spots, there's a lot that makes this city unique from the rest. Denver is a very young and active city, as many millennials are finding out what it has to offer. Known as "city mountain west," it combines urban, luxury life, outdoor living, and a Western feel. Whether you love quaint, unique coffee shops and boutiques, or you're a major outdoorsman that loves to ski, bike, and hike, you'll be looking for Denver real estate before you know it!


Denver is in close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, an amazing hiking spot for avid adventurers. The city of Denver has amazing views of 200 peaks of mountains of surrounding distances. 300 days out of the year, it is in full sun, which means life in the outdoors is about as perfect as it's going to get. Hiking and biking are prominent activities in the warm months, while skiing is popular for both locals and tourists in the winter months. The best ski resorts in the area include Breckenridge, Aspen, Keystone, and Vail but offer many more throughout the city.

Entertainment and Food

Colfax Avenue is home to the United States longest street, totaling out to 26.5 miles; and yes, marathons have been held on this street! Colfax Avenue offers many unique, delicious bistros, restaurants and boutiques that are sure to impress. It's no wonder that Denver is most popular for millennials and Generation Y age groups because of its many different cultures in outdoor activities and luxury living.

Known as "Mile High City," it was the first city to spark the brewery and distillery interest that kept growing into other towns and cities all over the U.S. Currently, Denver itself has over 150 breweries and distilleries. Mile High City is also known for its fantastic coffee shops, and holds street festivals that highlight art and music for anyone to check out, as well as delicious food trucks lining the street.

Strong Economy

Denver's economic growth is the best it has ever been since 2017, as more jobs are arising and the population is increasing. This is why Denver is so attractive to millennials and Generation Y newcomers, because of the emerging opportunities happening so quickly. In fact, Denver's city unemployment rate is increasingly lower than the national average rate. This is exciting news for young folks who don't know what to do after college and looking for a job. Denver is truly booming with new opportunities everyday!

Free Transportation System for Everyone

Called the 16th Mall Street Ride, this is an easy and FREE way of getting around the city. Simply hop on and hop off wherever and wherever you want to, whether it's shopping downtown or heading to work, this is the best transportation system yet. The reason it's so simple to get on and off is because it covers over one hundred miles to many different popular neighborhoods such as Boulder.