Think casual clothing means unappealing outfits? Think again. It's possible to look stylish instead of sloppy in casual attire if you pair clothing and accessories that create a unified look for your outfit. Try incorporating the following three tips the next time you want to look relaxed yet undeniably polished.

Clothes That Fit Well Make a Difference

3 Ways To Look Fashionable When Dressing Casually
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Comfort is key this season, but that doesn't mean looking sloppy all day long. The trendy dedication to comfort means it's easier than ever to find clothing that lets you look and feel your best, no matter where you go. From cozy nights indoors to pumpkin picking and beyond, this fall's top styles will keep you relaxed and comfortable, all without sacrificing your sophisticated style sense.

Going with clothing that fits well makes all the difference. Oversized and looser silhouettes work well when you find styles that flatter your frame. Start with wide- or straight-leg jeans or pants, then add a cute yet comfy top like an oversized sweater.

Then, lean into layers so that you're ready for anything that comes your way. Shackets are leading the way this season, and figuring out how to wear women's shackets isn't hard either. These shirt-jacket hybrids seriously pair well with just about anything.

Quality Shoes Can Dress Up an Outfit

What's up next on your casual outfit list? How about a pair of quality shoes? Again, you don't have to toss out the idea of comfort to look your best.

Flats are incredibly easy to mix and match with everything from jeans to trousers and more. You'll get plenty of use out of these shoes when you invest in a quality pair. Functional yet fashionable boots are ideal in places from the apple orchard to the supermarket and beyond. The ugly shoe trend is also going strong, so you can easily integrate a range of styles into your outfit, depending on your mood.

The right shoes can make the difference between sloppy and casual cool. If you find a great pair of shoes that keep your feet happy while offering the versatility to pair with all your favorite outfits, you'll quickly see why.

Add Classy Accessories for the Finishing Touch

Just as shoes can pull together your whole look, so too can classy accessories. Trends this season translate to an array of chic accessories that let you dress up your casual outfit.

Pearls are everywhere this season, from cuffs and barrettes to classic pearl necklaces, and you don't have to RSVP to a gala to have an excuse for breaking out these elegant designs. Upgrade a simple jeans-and-a-tee ensemble with some chic pearls to instantly elevate your look.

Have you planned a day filled with fall activities? Keep your accessories understated yet refined. Timeless stud earrings, a bar necklace, or a stack of rings can take your outfit to the next level for a fall day out and about as you enjoy the crisp air and changing leaves.

You don't have to look sloppy when it's time to get casual. Strategically putting together clothing that fits well with chic accessories and a great pair of shoes will have you turning heads.