Daniel Craig has officially retired from the iconic James Bond role after playing the character for more than a decade. Since the release of "No Time To Die," many fans have been speculating who will replace the actor; one of them is Tom Hardy. However, Craig is reportedly not happy with their suggestion; is this true?

According to a report published by OK! Magazine last year, Craig was reportedly unhappy with the rumors that Hardy would replace him as the iconic British spy.

A source said the actor felt the public's demand for Hardy to play the role was "premature" at the time since the latest 007 film was in the works back then.

"It's tacky and underhanded for Tom's people to be leaking this news like he's got the job," the insider dishes.

The report didn't think Hardy would get the role immediately because other British actors are reportedly better than him.

In addition, Craig could possibly change his mind about reprising James Bond, so Hardy "shouldn't assume that Daniel is out of the picture."

Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy Issue Debunked

Suggest already debunked the claims last year, and they mentioned that nothing had changed today.

Craig has been open with his decision to retire from the role, and "No Time To Die" is his last 007 film.

Regarding his issue with Tom Hardy, the outlet mentioned that the two actors previously worked together in the film "Layer Cake," so it's unlikely for them to suddenly hate each other.

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Furthermore, James Bond producers said they're not rushing to find Craig's replacement as they will celebrate the film's success this year and will start looking for actors in 2022.

"We're not thinking about it at all, we want Daniel to have his time of celebration. Next year we'll start thinking about the future." Producer Barbara Broccoli said.

Not The First Report About Daniel Craig's Exit From The James Bond Franchise

This is not the first issue about Daniel Craig's exit from the James Bond franchise, as a report previously claims that he retired from his role because of his "shaky marriage" with Rachel Weisz.

According to National Enquirer, Craig gave up his role to salvage his ten-year marriage with his wife. The couple reportedly has marital woes and has already reached their lowest points because of their hectic schedules.

However, the outlet debunked the report saying the insider isn't reliable, and the couple is very private about their personal lives.

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