'Penny Dreadful' Cast: Alex Price Returning As Proteus In Future Episodes Of Showtime Series? [VIDEO]


In today's age of television, characters die left and right. The interesting thing about Showtime's Penny Dreadful is that, unlike other programs, the dead can, and very well should, return. 

Penny Dreadful Season 1, Episode 4: Ethan Chandler a Werewolf?

Alex Price made a very memorable appearance as Victor Frankenstein's (Harry Treedaway) in episodes one and two, but his brief and wondrous life was cut short when Frankenstein's first, resentful creation "Caliban" (Rory Kinnear) returned and, literally, tore Proteus in half. With episode 4 approaching this Sunday, some viewers are wondering: Will Proteus ever return?

It is always possible. The dead are known for returning on shows in this genre. Sometimes even leads are known to meet their end and then turn around and come right back. Nearly everyone on the CW's Supernatural has died at least twice only to come back again as a fully formed character.

Price is no stranger to abstract tales, having previously been seen in both Being Human and Merlin. As Proteus, he manages to capture the charm and underlying darkness of a refashioned soul.

It also bodes well for Proteus that Price did so much with a role that barely lasted a full episode. The New York Times points out Price as giving "a very fine performance" on the show.

The series, which has only just begun, has plenty of time to bring the character back. Of course, audiences shouldn't get their hopes up. After all, the show isn't called Penny Dreadful for nothing.

Episode 4, entitled Demimonde, airs this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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