'Gossip Girls' Finale Spoiler: Gossip Girl Identity Revealed in 2-Hour Special Tonight (PREVIEW VIDEO)


It's the end of an era for fashionistas everywhere when the series finale of "Gossip Girl" airs on Monday, Dec. 17 on CW at 8pm EST.

The show's stylish fans may get misty-eyed when they see their favorite cast members from New York City's Upper Eastside bid adieu after six seasons with tonight's one-hour retrospective and two-hour finale.

The final episode, titled "New York, I Love You XOXO," is highly anticipated. There are so many topics fans would like to see addressed: Will Chuck and Blair get married? Will Serena cancel her cross country move and get back together with Dan? Who will Dan release his tell-all book about the infamous upper East Sider to?

Naturally, learning the identity the "Gossip Girl" is at the top of fans' lists. Some of the show's most notorious scandals including catfights and breakups storylines began with Gossip Girl's controversial blog posts.

The series finale will begin with a retrospective starring the show's cast and the teams behind the scenes that have helped make the show the success that it became. Executive producers review the show's most unforgettable moments from past seasons. During the two-hour episode, the well-dressed and well-heeled Upper East Siders get together for a final farewell where the they learn the shocking identity of Gossip Girl. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and singer Lisa Loeb will have a guest starring stint in tonight's show.

The following are some other spoilers about the final episode, courtesy"Gossip Girl's" Executive Producer Stephanie Savage who spoke to E! Online exclusively about the finale.

- "Gossip Girl" is a female. After confessing that the show's creators were unsure if Gossip Girl's identity should ever be revealed, Savage admitted that the show's staff decided to keep the idea "very open." "Last year, we did a lot of storytelling with Gossip Girl and it felt right that this year, she would be revealed," Savage told E! She?

- The show's cast had no idea who "Gossip Girl" was all along until they taped the final epeisode. "The actors were really excited and surprised," Savage told E!. "Everyone has had many theories over the years. I think they liked it."

- There may be a "Gossip Girl" movie in the future a' la "Sex *& The City." "It's funny we've never talked about [a movie] seriously until the show was actually ending," Savage revealed. "We've never had any legitimate conversations about doing a movie until we were saying goodbye. Then we said, 'We'll do a movie, Broadway show or reunion show, right?' Even though we are likely to see each other again it's not like we'll all be working together again, so that's where the fantasy starts."

The CW has released 20 revealing shots from the final episode, titled "New York, I Love You XOXO." View the gallery of scenes from the series' finale episode here

Watch the preview clip of Gossip Girls' final chapter below.

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