'Teen Wolf' Season 5: Will Sheriff Stilinski Survive? Jeff Davis Teases Premiere Struggle To Save Stiles' Dad [VIDEO]


Teen Wolf's Sheriff Stilinski's life is on the line.

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Stiles rushed to his father's rescue as "Status Asthmaticus" came to a close, but the bloody scene he stumbled upon left viewers wondering if the troubled teen is about to become an orphan.

Theo made sure the Sheriff was cut up nearly to the point of no return, and series creator Jeff Davis promises those wounds will play a major role in the midseason premiere.

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"Episode 11 [which is the premiere of the second half of season five] deals with whether he survives or not," Davis informed The Hollywood Reporter. "We'll see Scott and Stiles fighting for Stilinski's life. The gashes delivered to him in episode 10 become a big problem in episode 11."

Well, if the Sheriff bites the dust (we surely hope not!), at least his final struggle may help reignite the Scott/Stiles bromance, or at least thaw arctic chill between the. Episode 11 will pick up just moments after "Status Asthmaticus," and Davis has stated it will take more than a few minutes for Sciles to makeup.

"It's going to be rocky still," Davis told Entertainment Weekly. "They were both taken in by an Iago and Theo played them all and pitted them against each other, so they've got to get past the underlying resentment and forgive each other and it's going to take more than one episode."

Learn Sheriff Stilinski's fate when Teen Wolf returns to MTV this January. In the meantime, watch on of Stilinski's best scenes below.

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