'Teen Wolf' Season 5: Lydia Gets A Banshee Mentor, An Eichen House Ally Revealed? [VIDEO]


Teen Wolf's Lydia's a stone cold genius, and that's an indisputable fact. It takes a banshee, however, to learn a whole new skill set while catatonic.

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It's lucky that Lydia is possibly the only person up for the job. Theo's little memory stunt landed the teen in Eichen House, but the sinister institution will be the very place our favorite banshee will find her new mentor.

"In 5A she learned to fight with her hands," series creator Jeff Davis teased at New York Comic con, according to Latino Review. "In 5B we see her being taught by [someone] - I won't tell you who - how to use her voice as a weapon. That's what she learns in Eichen House."

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Leveling up her phantasmal abilities won't be Lydia's only Eichen House mission, however. Someone wants to get to the bottom of Theo's sister's death, and Lydia can provide them with a direct line to the dead.

"5B starts with Lydia in the water, [with] the image you see in the trailer," Davis explained. "[She's] trying to figure out the mystery of what happened between Theo and his sister and why his sister died."

You mean other than the fact that he's a slimeball sociopath with no conscious what so ever? Looks like we're about the get the origin story of Mr. Theo Raeken, Beacon Hills' most wanted.

Find out more when Teen Wolf returns to MTV on Jan. 5.

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