'The 100' Season 3: 'Batsh-t Insane' Episode Filming, Jason Rothenberg Explains [VIDEO]

The 100 is diving deep into the sci-fi with season 3, and as it does so, viewers should prepare for some of the year's most gut wrenching scenes.

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Mount Weather's reign of terror is over, but that doesn't mean life on the ground will get any easier for the Arkers. With the Mountain Men out of the picture, the Grounder alliance is no longer a necessity, meaning the 12 clans can reignite their old rivalries. As they do so, a certain deadly AI will start to cause trouble across the Dead Zone.

When episode 10 rolls around, it appears the sci-fi angle will kick into high gear.

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"(NOT-SO) DAILY DAILIES: Guys, Season 3 is now officially bat-shit insane! If you're a sci-fi fan & don't watch #THE100... you suck." series creator Jason Rothenberg teased on Friday, adding that "a new level of crazy was reached yesterday, my friend. #TheyAintReady."

Considering episode 9 will see some Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Murphy (Richard Harmon) moments, Rothenberg may be hinting at a major development in the AI story. Or not. The 100 takes so many dark twists that it's nearly impossible to insure we ever know what the showrunner is teasing.

Are you excited for this change in tone? Sound off in the comments below!

The 100 will return to The CW in 2016.

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