Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory: Hero Now Being Labeled A Satanist By Conspiracists

Gene Rosen, one of the heroes of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newton, Conn. who guarded six scared children after they fled their classroom spoke about how he's been labeled as a pedophile by conspiracy theorists.

Unbelievably, an increasing number of individuals on the Internet are continuing to deny that the tragic mass shooting ever occurred. Those very same people have reportedly been verbally attacking Gene Rosen on a daily basis.

While some are depicting him as a danger around children, others claim he's either "a Satanist" or an actor "hired by the government."  To top it off, some conspiracy theorists think he's all three.

Some individuals have also started calling Rosen at his residence and have emailed him querying "how much he is being paid," according to the Daily Mail.

The unwarranted accusations are more than certain to draw anger from the families of the Newton victims as they continue to struggle to come to grips with the Dec. 14 massacre that saddened the entire nation.

In wake of the Newton turmoil, Rosen became one of the most publicized faces, as he wept on camera. The 69-year-old had accepted a slew of television interviews following the shootings and emotionally explained how he protected the young students that fled from Sandy Hook Elementary School after 20 of their fellow students and six adults were brutally murdered.

According to Salon, the now retired psychologist said that he felt it was imperative to inform the nation on just how brave the children were after witnessing their teacher and classmates shot down.

Despite his heroics, Rosen's notoriety has made him a prime scapegoat of "truther" conspiracy theorists who think that the shootings never took place. The extremists also believe that President Barack Obama is in cahoots with a "satanist coven" that's behind a supposed staging of the shooting.

At the time of the incident, Rosen stated that he just finished feeding his cats and was going toward the direction of Sandy Hook Elementary school to a diner when he spotted six small children sitting in a circle at the very end of his driveway.

"We can't go back to school. Our teacher is dead, Mrs. Soto;  we don't have a teacher," one of the little boys reportedly told Rosen, according the site.

Rosen then allegedly took the four girls and two boys into his house for a couple of hours and supplied them with toys, listened to their stories and contacted their worried parents.

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