'The 100' Season 3: Meet Ontari, A 'Beast' Of A Grounder; Is She From The Ice Nation? [VIDEO]

The 100 is ready to introduce another "bada--" Grounder.

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Named Ontari and played by Australia's Rhiannon Fish, the season 3 edition sounds like she will be able to wipe the floor with anyone who dares to cross her path - both physically and mentally.

"[Ontari] is described as a young warrior grounder. Trained since birth, she is skilled in deception and she is fiercely loyal to her people," The Wrap reported on Wednesday.

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That being said, Fish warns that you will probably need to keep an open mind when it comes to liking the newbie. The actress couldn't spill on the character's kill scars, but based on Isaiah Washington's (Jaha) description of Ontari, they are probably too many to count.

"@RhiannonMFish Welcome to #The100 Your character is a BEAST!" Washington teased. "Can't wait for @cwthe100 to unleash you before our fans & the world. #JahaOut."

The CW post-apocalyptic drama has yet to reveal what clan Onatri will be fighting for. Considering her name seems like a play on "Ontario," we're willing to bet the newbie is part of the Ice Nation. Don't hold us to that, though.

Despite her fierce demeanor, the Grounder will have a soft spot for Octavia (Marie Avergopoulos), Bellamy (Bob Morley), Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Abby (Paige Turco), Lexa (Alicia Debnam-Carey), or Murphy (Richard Harmon). Fish hasn't had any scenes with Morley or Avgeropoulos, so it may be safe to eliminate the Blakes from contention.

Find out more when The 100 returns to The CW in early 2016. get a glimpse into the Grounder world with the clip below.

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