Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Update: Police Officers Release More Information On Victims


Some of the Newton police officers that were first responders to the mass-shooting scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School have finally spoken out to the media for the first time since the tragedy transpired on Dec. 14.

Police officer Michael McGowen spoke to The New York Times about his two-mile drive along with fellow officer William Chapman from the Newton police station to the elementary school. 

McGowen said that they weren't fully prepared for what they were about to see with their own eyes, which has altered them forever.

"We drove as fast as we've ever driven," he said.

The police officers also stated that they heard Adam Lanza's gunshots going off as they headed inside the school. Upon entry inside the school, they noticed the motionless bodies of head teacher Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach on the lobby floor. 

At that time, Chapman continued to follow the sound of the gunfire.

"It was up so close, it sounded like it was coming from outside. So we were all looking around for someone to shoot back at," he explained.

With Lanza finally identified and deceased, the Newton policemen began trying to locate and save as many living children and adults as feasible.

In one classroom, Chapman spotted a little girl with a slight pulse and picked her up in his arms and rapidly brought her to the ambulance, reassuring her repeatedly, "You're safe now. You're parents love you." Sadly, the little girl was said to have passed away shortly after.

Meanwhile, Officer Leonard Penna entered a classroom where Lanza had done a majority of his shooting spree. He found a girl by herself, who was covered in blood, but she was fortunately unharmed.

The Newton police officers also made the effort to assure that the survivors of the horrific ordeal didn't have to witness their slain classmates and teachers, as their bodies were removed from the premises as quickly as possible.

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