'Z Nation' Season 3: Who Is Citizen Z's New Friend? EP Teases Departure From The Arctic [VIDEO]

Goodbye Northern Lights, hello Lower 48.

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Z Nation's Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) is on the move, and season 3 will see the arctic denizen make contact with a brand new entity as he leaves his former zombie shelter behind. That foggy figure from the finale is ready to turn Simon Cruller's world upside down.

"I'll just say [the person is] a she," series creator Karl Schaefer revealed to TV Insider. "It's an Eskimo girl, and the story's going to take a turn that not many people will be expecting at all. I will tease something for Season 3: You may see Citizen Z down in the lower 48. I'm not sure, though. I can't promise anything yet. It's only Day 2 in the writers' room."

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Well, that certainly will be a change. Citizen Z deserves a little fun in the sun after all these years. Perhaps the surveillance guru will finally meet up with the members of Operation Bitemark. Not that now (or anytime, really) is a good time to do so. As the season 2 finale proved, ever time Warren's (Kellita Smith) crew seems to have a handle on the situation, the unknown rears it's ugly head.

Find out more when Z Nation returns to Syfy in 2016.

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