'Dark Matter' Season 2: List Of New Characters! Titch's Real Identity To Be Revealed? [VIDEO]

Dark Matter may soon resolve the mystery of Titch's true identity.

'Dark Matter' Season 2: Premiere Title(s) Revealed! You Get To Choose

Series creator Joseph Mallozzi released a partial season 2 lexicon on Sunday, and while there's a mass of names we don't know, Titch is certainly one we've heard before.

Five (Jodelle Ferland) has six lives worth of memories packed into her teenage head, one of which belongs to a mysterious boy named Titch. The former thief spent several months floating around the character's idyllic childhood during episode 6, and her time on the farm led her to believe the remembrances belonged to either One (Marc Bendavid) or Three (Anthony Lemke).

'Dark Matter' Season 2: These Two Characters Are Ready For A Prison Break, Scoop On Episode 2

As season 2 progresses, we may finally get to find out if Derrick Moss or Marcus Boone comes from a seemingly loving home. While Five can stroll down memory lane anytime her head hits the pillow, a major flashback may be in the works for episode 4.

"Space station, forest, and cabins offer insights into one character's dark dark past," Mallozzi teased as he started prep for the episode.

Alternately, Hyperion 8 could just serve up a little elderberry pie and see which of their prisoners enjoy it the most. Considering the slop out heroes will dine on this season, that seems incredibly unlikely.

Dark Matter will return to Syfy this summer.

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