'Batman vs Superman' Movie News: How Will Bruce Wayne Perceive Clark Kent's Alter Ego? [VIDEO]

The Superman (Henry Cavill) as we've perceived him in pop culture will essentially be gone in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Director Zack Snyder spoke with DC All Access recently and revealed just how far Superman has fallen by the time we see him in Batman v Superman.

"Over the last two years he's basically been Superman as pop culture would know him. He's been righting wrongs, there have been floods, mines have collapsed, bridges have collapsed, churches have caught on fire," Snyder said (via Comic Book Movie). "He's basically been a hero. When we find him, he's been dealing with the everyday world of being a superhero, but there's a paradigm shift happening in that the unintended consequences of some of those rescues are starting to come into fruition. He's starting to see that every action has a reaction."

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He added that, essentially, "there's no winning anymore for Superman."

As for how Batman (Ben Affleck) perceives Superman at the start of the movie, Snyder discussed how the Dark Knight only knows his fellow superhero from what he's seen in the media.

"Batman's seen the destruction of Metropolis. That's the thing he knows for a fact. So if thousands die, is that okay? What's next? Millions? Is everyone okay with that? Because I'm not. That's Batman's point of view," Snyder noted.

There is an implication that Batman and Superman will eventually team up, considering there are multiple Justice League movies coming down the pike. The trailers have even shown the pair fighting a different enemy together, alongside Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).

It remains to be seen what will do the trick for Batman to see Superman as an ally instead of an enemy.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for release in theaters on March 25.

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