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Martin Freeman

TV/Reality TV April 19 

'Sherlock' Filming Delayed Even Further, Martin Freeman Says 'It's Very Hard to Get Together'?

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'Sherlock' star Martin Freeman has bad news for fans of the popular BBC drama: season 4 won't see the light of day for a long time.

Laura Prepon

TV/Reality TV April 19 

Laura Prepon Returning Full-Time For Season 3 of 'Orange is the New Black'?

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Laura Prepon is set to return as Alex Vause full-time on 'Orange is the New Black' assuming Netflix picks up the series for a third season.

The Mentalist

TV/Reality TV April 19 

Will Jisbon Pan Out In 'The Mentalist' Season Finale?

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'The Mentalist' Season 6 Spoilers: Will Jisbon Pan Out In The Finale? Find Out What Patrick Jane & Lisbon Are Up To In 'Blue Bird Inn' [VIDEO]

Demi Lovato

Celebrities April 18 

Demi Lovato Unfazed by 'Fatty' Diss?

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Minutes after a Twitter user called her "fatty," 'Heart Attack' singer Demi Lovato could have had a heart attack - in the past. But instead of lashing back, she responded with kindness - setting an incredible example for her 21.8 million followers.