'The 100' Season 3 Spoilers: Christopher Larkin Teases 'Devastating' & Stomach Churning Finale, Bad Times For Monty?

Poor Monty Green. He was forced to off his mother, and now it looks as if his life on The 100 will only get more difficult from here on in.

Ever since the dropship touched down, Monty (Christopher Larkin) has been the most levelheaded of the delinquents. Despite his role in the Mount Weather massacre, the death of his father, and watching his best friend spiral out, the teen has managed to keep it all together (on the outside, at least). Utter tragedy didn't find him until "Nevermore," but, now that it has, he's been emotionally compromised in the worst possible way.

EnStars caught up with Larkin at WonderCon last month, and the actor made it clear that even Monty won't escape the devastation of the season 3 finale.

"I was shocked," Larkin said of the first time he read episode 16. "I was tipped off to certain things that would happen in the finale before reading it, so I was a little prepped, [but] they were devastating. They were devastating, and not just for my character, just all around."

In fact, the upcoming hour was enough to make the star queasy. If learning of Mama Green's death didn't turn his stomach, we're terrified of what will.

"I remember I was about to go to diner and I got a couple of phone calls and felt sick to my stomach and couldn't eat dinner," Larkin recounted. "So that's what's coming up. That's the most elusive way I can answer that question."

Well, it wouldn't be a 100 finally if it didn't leave us sobbing on the floor, now would it?

While fans wait to see whatever tragedy series creator Jason Rothenberg has planned for the end of May, viewers can catch up with Monty and the gang in tonight's "Demons" (check out a preview below).

Catch The 100 Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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