'House of Cards' Season 4 Spoilers: Nathan Darrow Dishes About Meechum's Death [VIDEO]

Even though Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow) is dead now on House of Cards, some fans still need some form of closure because the character was liked by many.

Speaking to Yahoo! India, Darrow spoke about his character and and explained why he might have been endearing to fans.

"It's interesting. Familiarity breeds contempt. We might like him because we don't know that much about him," he said. "But, yeah, I like him. I think that his loyalty seemed to remain pure and was not adulterated by anything blatantly self-serving."

The discussion veered to the nature of Meechum's relationship with Frank and how while Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) and Meechum were both loyal to Frank, Meechum is nothing like Stamper.

"From Meechum's perspective, I think that his experience is in a really hot combat zone," he said. "I think that there was then a need, once you survive that, to continue to have that kind of close loyalty with another person. I guess another man, a powerful man, there was something to that, too. But also that their relationship could be, I don't know, mostly wordless, I think, was something that seemed in keeping with what Meechum needed in his life."

This also emphasizes a purity about their relationship, Stamper still has personal motivations and vested interests in serving Frank whereas with Meechum it is very different. The interview specifically pointed out the "hand-tracing scene" to highlight this aspect of Meechum and Frank's relationship.

"That was so fun. I think it was so well rendered by the writers," he said. "To have it come up right before... you were talking about how Frank sees Meechum. Kevin [Spacey] would know more about this than me, but it seemed to me in reading the scripts and then playing them that it was like Frank could be more of a boy around Meechum, and there was a kind of quiet to it and a kind of a goofiness to it that was so much fun to play with Kevin. Yeah, that was a great scene to do, and it was the last scene I shot, actually."

Season 4 of House of Cards premiered on March 4.

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