'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Can Reese Outwit The Secret Service? The President's Number Is Up [VIDEO]

The POTUS is about to become the next POI.

Person of Interest's Team Machine have had to protect some interesting targets over the last five years, but episode 11 will saddle Reese (Jim Caviezel) with the monumental task of babysitting the leader of the free world. Titled "Synecdoche" (is anyone else getting English class flashbacks right now?), the June 6 hour will have the world wondering if a former CIA operative can give the Secret Service a run for their money,

"The team must unravel a conspiracy and stay ahead of the Secret Service when the President of the United States becomes their newest POI," CBS teased. "Also, Finch separates himself from the team and considers taking drastic action to combat Samaritan."

Uh oh. If you thought ensuring the Commander in Chief doesn't become so much human confetti was a monumental undertaking, whatever Finch (Michael Emerson) has up his sleeve sounds ten times more dangerous. Is the Machine mastermind considering letting his technological baby run free? If there's ever a child who needs to be a leash kid, it's an AI.

"Samaritan definitely is growing in its power. In the premiere, you see what it's like when Samaritan is hunting you down and how easily it can find people and how difficult it is to hide," executive producer Greg Plageman told Entertainment Weekly. "I think the real challenge for our gang as they're trying to rebuild the Machine is, how can they possibly build something that can confront an ASI this powerful?"

For now, however, Team Machine needs to make sure Fusco (Kevin Chapman) doesn't get in over his head in "A More Perfect Union" (see a preview below).

"The Machine sends Reese and Finch to a wedding to protect a pair of POIs before their nuptials," CBS said of next Monday's episode. "Also, Fusco becomes angry at being kept in the dark by the team and takes it upon himself to investigate a string of missing person reports."

Find out more when Person of Interest airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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