'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Actress Dishes On THAT Death & The Ultimate Resurrection [VIDEO]

Fare thee well, Root. Your voice will live on forever inside the Machine.

It's an established fact that 100th episodes generally cater to the viewers, but, while Person of Interest certainly provided and explosive hour, "The Day the World Went Away" put a fan favorite in the ground. Root (Amy Acker) is gone, but she definitely not forgotten.

As a tribute to her ultimate sacrifice, the Machine adopted the hacker's voice.

As fans will quickly learn, however, the AI took on more than just her dulcet tones. Finch's (Michael Emerson) creation has spent the last several years keeping a watchful eye on Team Machine. All those hours and calculations will help to produce a near perfect clone of Root within the world of code.

"It's indistinguishable between Machine and Root. So what I love in particular that comes up is that the Machine kind of maintains the same relationship with the characters as she's talking to them that Root would," Acker told IGN. "So she takes on the same affinity for Shaw and talks to Reese the same way and everything. It just really seems like the Machine is kind of honoring Root, because she chose her and has made her -- it's like Root is there. Her body's not there, but she has all the same interactions with the characters."

For Root, becoming a piece of the Machine is more than she could have ever hoped

"Root has been hungering and looking for this kind of solace, for this entity, since she was a kid. Looking at the world, as she says memorably, as bad code. And looking for something beyond good and evil; something beyond humanity she can take solace in," executive producer Jonathan Nolan told TV Insider.

Although Finch wasn't one of the night's casualties, but the 100th episode will change him for good. Find out how when Person of Interest airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. Click the video below to see a preview for the series' next episode.

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