'Scream’ Season 2 Spoilers: Bex Taylor-Klaus Dishes On What’s Next For Audrey [EXCLUSIVE]

21-year-old actress Bex Taylor-Klaus is a familiar face to fans in addictive cable shows. She first gained attention on the third season of AMC's The Killing, as lesbian police informant Bullet. She then moved on to recurring roles in House of Lies and Arrow. Now she's on the MTV series Scream where she plays witty and bi-curious teen Audrey, who reconnects with her former best friend (and series lead) Emma after a viral video sparks a series of murders of fellow high schoolers in their town.

The second season of the MTV series kicked off with Emma coming back from PTSD camp and wanting to get her life back with her friends, including Audrey. BUT there's a new killer on the loose and, once again, everyone's a suspect.

Audrey's definitely higher up on the list of possible psycho killers than anyone else, since viewers learned that she and Piper--the murderer in season one--had exchanged letters leading up to the show's first round of gruesome deaths.

Enstars caught up with Taylor-Klaus on Scream's season two set, where she discussed Audrey's connection to Piper, her possible new friendship with Brooke and how the cast handles a character's death.

Enstars: Where is Audrey at this season compared to last?
Bex Taylor-Klaus: At the end of last season, we know that Audrey has some explaining to do and is hiding more things than we realize. At the beginning of this season, she's had three months of a break. She hasn't had to think about the crap that they've gone through and nobody's had to dive into what she could possibly be doing. And as soon as Emma comes back, suddenly everything's back and she has to start hiding things again. It gets even more amped this year because someone knows.

In terms of Audrey having communication with Piper before, do you think there's a possibility that Audrey could have been an accomplice?
I think there's always a possibility. Audrey's got a certain level of darkness that is absolutely beautiful to play. The fun part is to figure out whether or not that darkness is murderous or otherwise.

Audrey's been back and forth on if she should help Noah in finding out who the killer is. Do you think the two of them will continue to have friction in their hunt?
The further Noah digs, the closer he's gonna get to Audrey's actual involvement with Piper and that terrifies her. I don't think she even knows what she's capable of in terms of hiding her involvement. And that's gonna be an interesting story arc for her and for everyone to see exactly what Audrey can do. It kind of gives a hint as to what she would have been doing. That's definitely gonna cause a bit of a riff between her and Noah. Everybody's gonna be wondering why Audrey's acting so skittish. And Noah especially.

In the trailer, there was a moment where it seemed like Audrey came into contact with her dead ex. Can you tease anything about that?
That's something that is never going to stop haunting Audrey. She feels incredibly responsible for Rachel's death. So seeing Rachel again is really that moment that rattles her more than anything else. Rachel is the one who can pull out any sort of emotion that no one else can. So that's gonna be a very solid moment of Audrey maybe on the verge of confessing things.

Is there a possibility that Audrey might explore a new relationship with someone?
That was really fun to play in that first sequence, the possibility of flirting again. She kind of lost her suaveness that she had with Rachel. But she has kind of started noticing people again, being like, "Alright, maybe this time I won't get a girl killed."

Do you and your co-stars discuss the fate of your characters?
If we have a regular or recurring character that we all love, we're all friends off set so we'll have these conversations. We'll be like, "Oh, by the way, I found out I might die" or "I found out I'm going to die so this will be my last episode." I don't think it changes anyone's performance. I think we're all pretty good at not projecting and anticipating, and the directors are really good at working with us on that if we accidentally start to. But we'll get word that someone we love is going to die and we have our week of filming to do a proper friend send-off.

In the premiere, it seemed like Audrey was becoming better friends with Brooke. Is that going to continue?
We all get to interact more in different ways because everything that [happened] with the Lakewood Six really brought them all together. It's going to be fun to see how everyone's relationships have evolved over the three months. Emma was at PTSD Camp and the rest of us were spending time together. So Audrey and Brooke have built some sort of friend relationship and they get into some really interesting situations.

In the first season finale, Audrey killed Piper to save Emma, and now she's famous for it. How does she handle that?
She doesn't like it. And especially after those phone calls. That's just an extra layer of, "No!"

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