Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral 2016: Estate Wants Cissy & Pat Houston Out

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate is battling with her grandmother, Cissy Houston and aunt, Pat Houston, once again.

Now, the operator of the estate, Bedelia Hargrove has filed legal documents against the two women once again. This time around, she wants both Cissy and Pat to be taken off of Bobbi Kristina’s estate as trustees. She said they refuse to okay bills to be paid from Bobbi Kristina’s account including legal fees and maintaining the estate.

Now, Bobbi Kristina’s estate owes more than $86,000. But that doesn’t seem to have made Pat and Cissy jump into action. So Hargrove got a judge involved.

“Petitioner states that despite her repeated requests that the respondents comply with the mandatory and nondiscretionary terms of the [Bobbi Kristina Brown] trust, the respondents continue to refuse to pay the expense of the administration of the state,” read the legal documents obtained by Bossip Friday. “The estate is an ongoing entity which cannot function absent the payment of expenses of administration.”

Bobbi Kristina appointed Cissy and Houston as the leaders of the estate, which includes the money she received as an inheritance of her late mother, Whitney Houston. In the past rumors have claimed it was worth as much as $20 million, before she passed away last summer.

The Houstons have a responsibility to use that money to pay Bobbi Kristina’s bills. But it doesn’t look like that has happened. On the Houston’s side, they have requested details of the bills such as how much has been spent on the wrongful death lawsuit against Bobbi Kristina’s longtime boyfriend, Nick Gordon. They have said in the past they don’t think the lawsuit is worth the money. They also said they have the right to take a look at the bills before they pay them.

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